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    Fully Qualified Domain Name???

    you can use the "hostname" command to set the hostname without rebooting. It appears that in /System/Library/StartupItems/Network it uses /etc/hostconfig "HOSTNAME" to first check, then if that's not set, it tries ipconfig which probably does a reverselookup, or perhaps some kind of netinfo...
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    Mac OS X 10.0 weirdness

    Single user mode is now: cmd-s and likewise, verbose mode is now cmd-v
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    Solved a number of problems, although perhaps non-conventionally. First things first, /etc/mail/local-host-names _has to_ contain the domain(s)/host(s) for which you are receiving mail. Next, although not entirely necessary, sendmail complains a lot less and starts up faster if your...
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    Its the root ( / ) directory that is group writable. You can change it to mode 755 and fix the problem with: chmod 755 / (as root). But You'll need to be root to add directories or create files now (not just admin priviledges. Another option would be to add the conf DONT_BLAME_SENDMAIL...
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    allocating additional appliction memory

    One of the benefits of an underlying UNIX operating system is that memory allocation is now automatic... You don't need to manually set minimum and desired memory allocations for each application -- they will use as much memory as they need.
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    Using NATD and IPFW to share a cable connectionw with 2 enet cards

    I used the exact script you posted above (with a DSL connection), and it worked immediately... I'd make sure your interfaces are all up by pinging them from both machines (in both directions).
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    Wow memory shows with OS X

    I have a G4/450 (AGP) and 320MB ram, but I can't say that the performance is "zippy." I think the antiquated 3GB ATA hard drive I installed it on is the culprit, although I can' t really hear a lot of disk activity (swapping). It takes about 10 seconds to launch most applications --...
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    AsanteFAST install

    It turns out the en1 was my airport card, and _en2_ was the AsanteFAST card. After realizing that, I was able to get the interface up no problem, and was quickly routing packets to my home LAN with ipfw and natd as described elsewhere in this BB.
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    Which rc files to use?

    I'm familiar with Solaris and other UNIXes tendencies to look for files in /etc/rc.{0-3,d} and files in /etc/init.d What I'm not so sure in BSD is where to add things into the startup sequence (and be somewhat standard about it). I'd just throw it into rc, rc.common or rc.boot, but there...
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    Internet through airport?

    I was able to get the airport interface to show up with this method, but as I use the card in my G4 (sometimes running OS X), I was unable to turn the G4 into a software base station, as I was doing in OS 9... Attempting to set up a router/bridge as I had done with other UNIX boxes yielded no...
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    AsanteFAST install

    Just investigating this problem myself... To edit it in the GUI, use the "System Preferences - Network" panel, and remember to click the "Click the lock to make changes" icon in the lower left corner of the screen. You'll need to put in the administrator password you set up when you...