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    Help with a simple function in C

    worked perfectly. THanks. Can you reccommend a good reference on pointers. I seem to have shaky knowledge there, and I have yet to find a reference. rob
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    Help with a simple function in C

    I am having some difficulties writing a simple function for a program I am writing. The program is a card game, and I have a struct defined as follows: typedef struct {int rank; char suit;} card; I am trying to write a function that will swap the values of 2 variables of type card. My...
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    precision problem?

    I am having some problems with xcode doing some simple numerical tasks. I have a float set equal to 4. I later need to make a decision that hinges on the value of this float. I specifically want to do something if the variable equals 4. I write an if statement, and it never gets to...