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    Mac Powerbook Duo And Docs

    mleeee, Can you put a large hard drive into one of the docks, retore to it and move it to a more network friendly device. Just a quick thought...
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    10.3.9 to Windows (any) yields "bad password"

    Thanks nixgeek... Using smb:// or afp:// Using credentials on the machine I'm trying to log into. I've eliminated the mundane and am looking for the arcane. I get the same bad password error trying to log into an OS9 machine! Some where either the encryption or the response method...
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    10.3.9 to Windows (any) yields "bad password"

    1) I used to be able to do this. 2) I am trying to connect my 10.3.9 powerbook to several windows servers/pcs. No matter which server/pc I try I get that my password or user name is incorrect. I have administrative rights on all machines. I have also tried to connect to an OS9 machine. Same...