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    Upgrade to Old Bindi Imac Good, But Expecting More.

    Hello there I have just recently popped a 333mhz processor w/ daughter card in my bondi blue original iMac. My old processor was of course the 233mhz. I have seen great improvement on opening applications, starting the system, and a smoothed out dock as well. My only irritation at this...
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    Brand Spankin New Mac User, Brand Spankin Old iMac

    Thanks EVERYONE for your comments and suggestions, I have bookmarked some sites and taken notes as well. As far as installing OS 9, would I need to upgrade the hard drive first? Its only a 4GB and I only have 2.25GB free. I was also curious about the motherboard, will only motherboards from...
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    Brand Spankin New Mac User, Brand Spankin Old iMac

    Hi everyone I just received without a doubt the best EVER free item I have ever received in my life. A used, slightly upgraded Bondi Blue Rev.A 233mhz iMac. I have always wanted a mac ever since I found out that my friends parents ran their business for like 9 years with an apple2 (i...