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    FireWire HD won't come up - 10.1.4 issue?

    Thanks for thie input, Ed. I'll give that a try this afternoon. The odd thing is, the FireWire HD will mount and run fine on my G4/733/10.1.4.
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    FireWire HD won't come up - 10.1.4 issue?

    Ed, Thanks for the input. I'm experiencing what sounds like the same problem. I tried what you said and DiskWarrior found a few errors but didn't correct the problem. What leads me to believe it is the firewire port is that 1) I can't boot off a firewire attached hard drive and 2) even...
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    FireWire HD won't come up - 10.1.4 issue?

    Have you checked your firewire port? It may be hosed and the cause of the problem.
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    Cannot administer QTSS

    lwk, FYI, the Admin Guide is installed on OS X Server by default in PDF format. There's even a link to it in the dock. I didn't mean to come across as having an attitude, but I thought it was fairly obvious. After all, it was right there in front of you. So many people on these forums are...
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    Cannot administer QTSS

    I hate to say it, but RTFM. The default user id and password for QTSS Admin are there: streamingadmin/default.
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    10.1 killed PHP GD support

    Look here:
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    10.1 performance on Pismo 500

    I have a Pismo 500 w/ 384 Megs of RAM. I reinitilaized my drive (used to have two partitions - one for 9 and one for X; now I'm only using one for both). I did clean installations of 9.1, then 9.2.1, then 10.0, then 10.1 upgrade and it runs extremely well. Very responsive in all aspects of use...
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    Office for X

    Has anyone played with a more recent version of MS Office than the b5 version that's been circulating on Carracho? Any comments regardings stability/usability/features? I started running into problems with b5 on 5G48 such as frequent lock-ups in Entourage and the Alert application crashing...
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    Where are logins logged?

    Red Phoenix, Thanks for the great tip! The last command is one that I haven't run across in any of the *nix guides I've used. That will be very handy when I have users that I have migrated to X.