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    Pb15" 1.5ghz Dvi to Lcdtv Problem

    Have you tried seting your TV to Video In (the one that is corresponding to DVI-in connection) I could be your TV's PC mode that is causing the problem.
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    My PB crashes on wake from sleep!

    My PB crashes on wake from sleep. It was fine when I run Jaguar. When I updated to Panther, that is when this started to happen. This also happen in Tiger. This is a random thing, but happens quite often. I have tried resseting PMU, PRam, I did repair permissiona and run FSCK and nothing has...
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    [HOWTO] - Use your Powerbook lid closed

    Yes it is, it is also shown how to use it in a PowerBook's handbook. Obviously, most of you haven't even opened it. :D
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    Dual full screen setup

    I was able to play video on screen on my PowerBook :D On external there was QuickTime running full screen On PB's I used VLC also in full screen mode. I have to admit that it looked realy cool. :D