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    Java Errors!!! Help.

    I had a similar problem, though I was using OS 9.2.2 on an older Mac, with no OS X on it. I downloaded this version of Java, which works with Internet Explorer 5, and the problem went away. It could have just been a corrupted file-I don't know what caused it-but it shouldn't hurt to download it...
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    Classic has never worked right

    Thanks, barhar. I found out something else interesting. According to this particular eMac's display will not even support any version prior to 10.3. Weird, huh? Anyway, I think I'll dump OS 9 and stick with software made for this Unix machine. Live and learn. Die and forget.
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    Classic has never worked right

    I am familiar with OS 9, extensions, etc., and now, with OS 10.3.9, if I install anything which runs only on Classic, it either freezes, shuts down, or displays garbled screens. Been to Apple, and all over the web, and have no idea what's going on. F/A-18 Hornet game gave me four screens across...