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    ADB Wacom Tablet

    The final answer is not good. According to the Thrustmaster Project and my contacts at Wacom ADB tablets simply cannot be supported in Mac OS X. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that both the iMate drivers and ADB.framework lack the essential hooks that would allow ADB...
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    Belkin F5u103 Serial Adapter

    Try this...
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    Serial Wacom with Keyspan adapter

    Well, I finally did write my own driver.
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    Wacom Serial Pad and OSX

    I wrote a driver for Wacom serial tablets a while ago. It doesn't yet support Intuos protocols, but it should have support for Intuos by the end of the year. I am always looking for testers, so if you still have the tablet, please get in touch.
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    Wacom Tablets - which one ??!!!

    Hmm, you could get an ancient model (serial - not ADB) tablet like the UD1212-R and try this driver:
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    Wacom Serial tablets

    A couple years ago I built a driver for older serial Wacom tablets. It works with many older models, but needs some work to support serial Intuos (GD) tablets. The configuration program is partially broken in Tiger, but I'm going to release a working Preference Pane soon. Meanwhile, you can try...
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    Adesso vs. Wacom

    A couple years ago I started work on a driver for older serial Wacom tablets. It works with many older models, but needs some work to support serial Intuos (GD) tablets. It doesn't know how to communicate with Adesso tablets either, but with some work it probably could. The configuration...
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    ADB Wacom Tablet

    Well, it's been far too long since I posted a followup, but - well - I did create a serial Wacom driver. ADB support has proven very daunting, but I have an iMate and an ADB tablet to work with, and code samples for an ADB ThrustMaster driver. So ADB support could happen this year! Meanwhile...
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    wacom 1 on tiger

    I'm pretty sure that's an unsupported tablet model. What does Wacom say?
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    Serial Wacom Tablet to USB converter to OSX?
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    Shareware developer seeks Intel testers

    Hi all, I'm a shareware developer, and I would like to make my software title run on the new Intel Macs. However I don't have access to one! I'm looking for someone willing to test my Universal build on their Intel Macintosh. This is a music software title that appeals to guitar players...
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    Problem with Dock

    Hello! Is your post related to this topic? You might want to start a new topic. Anyhow, which toolbar are you referring to? Do you mean THE DOCK ? And how is it getting STUCK ? Do you mean the magnification behavior isn't fluid?
  13. S word association!

  14. S word association!

    lame fine
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    Viruses On Os X

    You can locate this window probably using Activity Monitor. Choose in the popup menu at the top "Windowed Processes" and look at the items contained within the list. One of those processes spawned that window. Try quitting some of them and see what happens. If the window goes away you've found...
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  17. S word association!

  18. S word association!

    Jabba the Hut
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    Why won't my shooters work? What is default.cfg?

    I don't know how well this applies to your situation but... Also check out some of the answers related to...
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    System Crashes and 3D

    Although they quote "3 weeks" it's rarely ever more than 5 days in my experience. Perhaps you know someone with a spare Mac who'll let you use it for the time being...? As for AppleCare, I wish I had bought the extended version. My Dual 2.5 G5's firewire ports and front power switch are...