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    Line wrapping in terminal

    One thing that bugs me all the time which I haven't been able to figure out is buggy line wrapping in console windows such as Terminal. This is not a Terminal-specific issue, it happens pretty much all over, including XTerm. When I type in a long line, instead of wrapping over to the next...
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    Any bluetooth trackballs?

    I've been searching for a bluetooth wireless trackball to go with my powerbook. The wireless trackballs that I'm finding online all seem to have adaptors that plug in to your computer. I've got built-in bluetooth, I don't want some adaptor dangling from my powerbook. Does anyone have any...
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    New Terminal "feature"

    Nope, I'm still using tcsh, though it happens the same in either shell.
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    New Terminal "feature"

    With the Panther upgrade, something has changed with When I display a file using more, less, man, or similar utils, the displayed text disappears when the program ends (e.g. pressing 'q' in man). I've seen this in linux terminals and it's always bugged the hell out of me, and now...
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    Volumes in the Terminal in 10.3

    It looks like mounting has changed because my code to mount some NFS servers was not working anymore. I had to change the mount point from /Network/xxxx to /automount/Servers/xxxxx. I'm still working out the exact details. On another note, the "show mounted drives" setting for the desktop...
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    My Dock is missing

    Try moving your Dock prefs out of your preferences folder, logout, and log back in. The file would be Library/Preferences/, though since you were playing with the prefs, you probably know that.
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    Stop automatic appleshare mount attempts

    I did remove my login items (or, rather, item) which didn't help. But then, taking out my entire Library folder should have taken care of that too.
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    new osx-er... need help

    This is from the JDK documentation for switching between different versions of java. It may be worth a try: * To switch to the JDK 1.3.1 that came with Mac OS X 10.2, do this in a shell: % sudo /usr/local/bin/jsettestjdk 1.3.1 * To switch back to using the JDK 1.4.1 seed: % sudo...
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    Stop automatic appleshare mount attempts

    I was just setting up a new OS X laptop. While doing this, I mounted two partitions of another computer using AppleTalk. Now, when I log on to my account on the laptop, a bunch of AppleTalk connection dialog windows appear asking for my password. Unfortunately, those dialog boxes don't have...
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    Can't log on with Admin on OSX!?!? HELP!!!!

    Scribblah, did you ever figure out how to fix this? I've been experiencing the exact same thing. I can only log in with my original account. I've tried to make new accounts, but they won't login. I can login the new accounts through ssh, but not through the login window.
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    Expanding history

    When I use history shortcuts in the terminal, such as !$ to get the last word of the previous line, those shortcuts do not get expanded in history. I thought that 'set autoexpand' in my cshrc file would do it, but apparently not. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, here is an...
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    lookupd dying

    Sorry, I hadn't seen your reply to the other post (I was expecting the email notification). I agree that I don't think that there's a process that's deliberately killing lookupd, but probably that it is crashing for some reason. I didn't see anything obvious in my system.log. What I am...
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    lookupd dying

    I've figured out that the weird problems I've occasionally been having on my OS X computer are due to the lookupd daemon dying. Symptoms are: terminal asks for password (which it rejects), anything else requiring authentication doesn't work, programs like web browsers and email programs don't...
  14. G leaves mail on the server

    There have been two perl scripts posted on recently that will delete the mail off of a pop server.
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    Serious OS X bug: Doesn't recognize users

    I've just started experiencing a strange and serious bug. When I came to my computer yesterday and tried to use the Terminal, it asked me for my password instead of just starting a session. When I entered my password, it didn't recognize it. I tried changing the password in the Users...
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    Robust, Non-Incremental, One-Time, Perfect Backup

    I have put online my Mac OS X backup software along with instructions at : This is a command-line program, so a little familiarity with unix would be helpful if you want to use this.
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    listening to ports...

    That's not correct. The server is on port 80, the client (you) is on a random non-privileged port (>1024). You can run a packet sniffer like Sniffles which I found recently on, it will show you everything that's going in and out of your computer. For example, I just...
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    cron process not starting up

    On my computer, cron gets started by /System/Library/StartupItems/Cron/Cron. Some of the scripts in StartupItems check /etc/hostconfig for whether they should run or not, but the Cron script doesn't, it just runs cron. Login items are for starting processes specific to users, not system-level...
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    Robust, Non-Incremental, One-Time, Perfect Backup

    I'll put some documentation together and put a link up. I'd be happy to donate the code to anyone who wants to further develop it.
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    Office.X applications activating listening ports??

    2222 is constant the 3000 range one changes.