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    Default opening applications

    Hi everyone! The symptom is the following: I put office X up. Now I use 9.2.2. I did a desktop rebuild, and since then, my iMac wants to open all the office documents with office x. I tried to use file exhange to tell my iMac to open them with office 2001, but no use. File exchange only...
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    A4 default page size!

    I know, I have X also, and used an app to set the A4 as the default size, but I had to print powerpoint documents, and the office x doesn't run as well as it does under classic.
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    A4 default page size!

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have any idea on how to set the A4 default page size for all the apps under Mac OS 9.2.1? I tried to set under the finder, but no use, other apps still use US letter size. Thanx in advance!
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    Sleep command, and keyboard layout problem

    Hi All! Ok, so I try to use Hungarian keyboard layout (which is a central european type). Occasionally, OS X switches back to the US keyboard layout (roman type). I switched off the keyboard and font synchronization, but it still happens. Any idea on that topic? Other: Is there a sleep...
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    I could easily freeze OS X 10.1. I have an ISDN vigor modem. If it's not connected to the mac (not plugged into the USB port) the whole thing freezes, and I can't even force quit. Quite annoying.
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    Mac OS X messing up desktop file?

    Hi all of you happy people! I have the following problem. After installing OS X 10.1 over my 9.2.1, my hotsync didn't want to work. After that, I realized, that 'something' messed up the classic desktop file, so I rebuilt it. Unfortunately the drag-and-drop still doesn't work, if I try to...
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    Trouble with Xmms

    Hi all! I'm trying to put xmms up to my 10.1, with the use of fink. I already put xfree86, glib, gtk+ up, and now trying to use xmms (compiled it already). The only problem, is that when I try to use it (actually any gnome application) it gives me the following error messages: Gdk-WARNING...