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    iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 50 Million Songs

    Nah. Didn't necessarily mean you. Just the general hand wringing that is about to happen. ;)
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    iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 50 Million Songs

    This one is written in a more balanced manner:,2933,114263,00.html
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    iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 50 Million Songs

    Okay, just so we get this out of the way I recall it...when Steve made the 100 million song "goal" is was kind of a joke. It was kind of like "Hey, why don't we go for 100 million!" I don't believe it was stated as an "official" goal. Whew. Now no one will be upset and wringing...
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    Apple to do Starbucks Music Site?

    I couldn't disagree more. Another venue to sell/giveaway iTMS music. Which means more people will want iPods. That is a GOOD thing. Come to think of it, another great one might be Blockbuster. Funny everyone wants Apple to go for more market share (with Mac) but when they try (with...
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    Linux now surpasses Mac OS in terms of market-share...

    I have two copies of Linux, bought and paid for, sitting my shelf. I also have a Windows laptop...almost never in old HP Pavillion PC...scrapped in the basement...and an iBook on which I compose this post.
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    Jobs attacking pc market...

    A report in The San Francisco Chronicle looks at the alliance between Apple and HP, whereby HP will sell an own branded iPod, and suggests that having found great popularity with its market-leading iPod, Apple does not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. The mistake being Jobs decision...
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    Rio announces 4GB MP3 Player, same price as iPod Mini

    A. What if they CAN'T lower the price $50? b. It doesn't make sense in WHAT "scheme of things"?
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    Maybe Apple needs to think hard about the "QuickTime Movie Store"

    What if the business/distribution model for Apple Movie Store looked a little different than that of the iTunes Music Store? All (reasonable) people will agree that bandwidths (to the home) are not what they need to be for movie downloads, and they are not likely to increase dramatically...
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    Microsoft opening Word/Excel file formats

    This seems to be such a simplistic assumption. IS this really what MS is doing?
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    Microsoft opening Word/Excel file formats

    What does this mean for Apple? What about the potential/rumored "Apple Office suite"? This could be great news for Apple, I think. Especially if this is a open as it appears to be.
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    New 20" imacs!!]

    You get the feeling that this is a small stop-gap measure. Something to boost sales a bit without actually DOING anything? Look at it. The 20" iMac uses the same LCD as the 20" display. No new sourcing had to be done here. The machine is the same as the 17" iMac. This was a packaging change...
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    Finally, OS X shipping with VIM!

    Sorry. Geeky, I know. But I use vi quite a lot, and the old vi just sucks. vim is the best of those out there. Nice to see Apple not make me go download and install it myself.
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    Panther shipping?

    Mine shipped. And to think...I still have Christmas to look forward to. Maybe Santa Claus will gently lay an iPod under the tree for me. :D
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    Could this be a vision of future iPod?
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    Belkin iPod Media Reader First Look

    Well, this is a BABY step in the right direction. The syncing w/iPhoto is right on of course. I'm still waiting for two things to happen: 1. Apple to add a color display and full iPhoto syncing (iPod AV) so I can carry around my music (and my photos) to show to anyone I wish...perhaps even...
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    Longhorn Release Date...woot.

    Has anyone stopped to noticed the UI migration and think about what it might mean. iCal iTunes iPhoto Finder AddressBook Safari If you factor in the concept of FS meta-data, and "objects" vs. "files", suddenly iTunes starts looking like nothing more than a "Music Finder", iPhoto a...
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    Apple Internet Computer next year

    This will happen in the corporate world first, where network bandwidth is much better than residential broadband, and where the desire to control what people are doing (surfing) or not doing (running the specified virus software) is very high. In one place that I know all of the business...