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    Upgrading iMac G5 to 802.11n?

    I know there's a USB option for bringing 802.11n to my iMac G5 (20", pre-iSight), but I'm wondering if anyone has run across an internal solution. I know Apple is selling an 802.11n AirPort Extreme card for MacBooks as a service part (not a retail part). Does anyone know if this card will...
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    Toggle between iChat tabs with a keystroke?

    I used Chax to do this in Tiger. Can't seem to figure it out in Leopard and it kills me having to click on each tab. Anyone figure it out?
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    CM Plugin to create paths/links to locations on server?

    So I'm tried of typing out long paths to file locations on the server to send to my coworkers (i.e.: ServerName/Directory/Directory2/Directory3/Filename). Does anyone know of a CM Plugin that will generate it in link form for me automatically? Maybe other non-CM plugin solutions? Thanks, Jordan
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    DV import other than iMovie?

    Hey all, I'm looking for a way to import DV from my camcorder in a smaller, low-quality file. Really, I have to make transcriptions of twelve 90-minute videos and want to use InqScribe to do it. But in order to do that, the video must be a media file rather than analogue from the camera...
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    Advance iPod help needed

    Okay. I have a 3G iPod that's served me well for nearly 2 years now, and I think it finally shat the bed the other night. Let me go through the symptoms and the steps I've taken to fix it, and please let me know what you think. 1. Blinking folder at iPod startup - nothing too hairy there. 2...
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    Airport: Port mapping for web sharing on multiple computers?

    Cool. Thanks for the info. When I use another port (8080, 8008, 8000), it doesn't connect on my roommates computer ( I've mapped port 8080 to his IP, and it still doesn't connect. Is there somewhere I need to tell Apache to open up that port as well for HTTP...
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    Airport: Port mapping for web sharing on multiple computers?

    I can't believe I don't know the answer to this question: My roommate and I use an Airport. I want to set up personal web sharing on both of our computers. I've established static distributed IP addresses for both computers, and have mapped port 80 to my computer. Is he out of luck? Is it...
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    Magnetic iSight mount for iMac G5: Anyone have one?

    So, I don't feel like shelling out $29 when I only need the single magnetic iSight mount for an iMac G5. Does anyone have one they're not using they could sell me? $15? Thanks, Jordan
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    Apple iTunes - 6.0

    Has anyone been able to successfully view previews of TV shows yet through iTunes? Any word on video quality/resolution for TV shows?
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    Automator workflow doesn't work as Plugin

    It's all the same -- all different shared volumes on the same server. It's a complete mystery!
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    Automator workflow doesn't work as Plugin

    Hi there, I've created a workflow in Automator that calls and connects to three different servers. It bothers me that the Finder opens the volume window upon mounting it, and I like that Automator simply mounts the volume on my desktop without opening its root window. Two of the three of...
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    Old contacts are back after syncing!

    Periodically I will open Address Book and find old contacts I thought I killed years ago. I have tried everything I know how to do to get rid of them -- resetting my .Mac info by "replacing with info on Computer," backing up, turning synching off and back on. They STILL come back. Does anyone...
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    New mail sound for junk mail

    I do! I do! Still... makes the noise.
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    New mail sound for junk mail

    Has anyone discovered a way to make it so doesn't play the new mail sound when junk is received and added to the Junk Mail folder? I understand that it doest the filtering AFTER the message falls into the IN box, but I thought maybe someone might have a hack.
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    Quicktime movie to DVD?

    I really should have some sort of idea of how to do this, but I'm very new to the world of DVD burning. I have a television show (it's a public access documentary that I helped make) in .avi form on my computer. I used 3ivx Doctor to make it playable in Quicktime. So now, I have it in an...
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    HELP: Speed issues in 10.3 B85

    Yup. I think you're right. Although, I did find the culprit and things are working much better. Shortly after installing Panther, I installed a program called Data Recycler. After running the uninstall, things are working wonderfully.
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    HELP: Speed issues in 10.3 B85

    I've been using Panther (build 85) now for a couple of weeks and have been noticing a strange problem that has only begun to occur since I upgraded to B85, MAJOR SPEED HANGUPS. Not so much noticeable speed drops as slight hangs. I have a 12" PB 867mhz and I can hear the hard disk churning...
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    Removing other system languages

    Thanks a million! All taken care of!
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    Removing other system languages

    So while re-installing Jag, I accidentally forgot to customize the install and tell it NOT to install all those other system languages. Not only do they take FOREVER to install, but they take up a ton of space. Is there an easy command-line fix to remove the other language files? Is there...