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    Modified Date On Word Docs Is Dec. 31, 1969

    Hi, After printing a document with MS Word v X, the date and time tag on the printed document as well as several that were not even opened appears as December 31, 1969, 11PM. After reading your forums, I understand this is a bug, but is there any way to fix it? The system time is correct...
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    Windows Media Player And Cnn Video

    I'm having the same problem. On CNN and other sites offering streaming video, the Media Player opens but it takes about a minute to 90 seconds to load each video. Sometimes I get sound only, and if I stop the video to skip back to a previous point, I have to wait the minute all over again. I...
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    Server could not be found - wireless

    Well, after doing some research, I found a solution. But not sure if it is a really good one. Anyway, what I ended up doing was entering my ISP's DNS servers in the configuration menu for AirPort. I found lots of people complaining about this problem on several forums but no real solutions...
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    Server could not be found - wireless

    I am having the same problem with my brand new iBook G4 with OSX 10.4.2 I have a 2 Windows systems connected to my WLAN and have no problems. The iBook can log in to the network but cannot get a connection to the internet. ON top of that, as soon as I activate AirPort, my Windows systems...