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    Thank you very much, Lazarus18

    You've help me a lot. Now i can connect to the PC computers running Win98, Me smb://(workgroup name);(user name)@(PC name)/(share name) entered any user name with no password (blank) and voilà the share is mounted on desktop Now i have another question. I can view all the shares...
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    Problems connecting to Windows with 10.1

    Ok, i've installed today the OS X 10.1 (5G64) and smbfs is included, but cannot connect to any Win98, WinMe computer The workgroup is GRUPO The IP addres of a PC with WinMe is The PC Name is EBMPC and the share is C-EBMPC How i do to connect whit this PC? In connect to...
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    Message for Straylight23

    To answer to my dudes about samba 2.2.1 you've tell me to wait until 10.1. OK. And your opinion about 5G15. 5G15 is impossible to install for me on a G4 500 DP 512/40 I've installed 5G24 and is imposible for me to open Network PrefPane. You know if this is an known bug or is only for...
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    Problems with Samba 2.2.1a

    I have and app in Applications/Utilities. Is named Network Utility but i dont understand how to portscan my computer for Samba. I have some questions: Samba is only a server or is client too (i can connect from my samba computer to a NT Server and from NT Server to my samba computer?)...
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    Problems with Samba 2.2.1a

    Hi all, sorry for my english but i'm spanish I have downloaded, expanded and installed the latest samba (from gnutar -xvzf samba . . . cd (to the new samba directory created in the last step) cd source ./configure make make install Create smb.conf file and put it in...