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    DVD Player for sale

    Would you like to get DVD Player for your family or friends for Chrismas? Or just want to own it for yourself? Click below
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    Remake of Ultima I-IX Petition

    Hello. This is for Ultima games fans who used to play Ultima games on Nintendo systems, old MS-DOS, Apple II, and Mac. If you would like to sign for remake on PlayStation 2 or GameCube. Click the link. You don't have to sign to have games remake on both machine. If you want only one machine...
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    Ok! This is piss me off!

    The reason I post the message is Microsoft have "You MUST use Windows, and you can't use Macintosh for ANY reasons!" attitude. They are trying to take Mac away from schools...Even though schools have no computer at all. In my town, bussiness and schools is strong PC user, winch piss me off...
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    Ok! This is piss me off!

    This is piss me off! Microsoft is trying to destory Mac computers?! Here, take a look: :mad:
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    What mac do you have?

    I have Power Mac 8100/80. They may be slow machine, but they are still good and still useful! But I am stuck with Mac OS 9. :( I can't even run Mac OS 9.1 or 9.2.1. :mad:
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    Poll: PC and/or Mac users in this forum?

    <------ Plans to buy iMac in a few months or next year. I only have PowerPC Macintosh 8100/81. They won't support Mac OS X. But Mac OS 9 comes out last year, so it still good. Currect softwares still supports Mca OS 9. Some software requires G3 process that I don't have. :( When I buy...
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    huh? a g4 is not considered a mac anymore?

    Hello? Anyone respose to my message above? Whrere can I get OmniWeb, I'd like to try it out. Will it work with Mac OS 9? Thank you.
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    Poll: PC and/or Mac users in this forum?

    I have been used almost all of OS. I love Mac, and Apple II. They are greatest computer in the world! I think Windows 3.x-Me are lousey machine I ever seen! In my opinon the best OS from top to bottom: 1. Mac OS 9.x (They rock! I love Macs!!!!!!!!) 2. Red Hat Linux 7.1 3. Tandy MS-DOS 2.11...
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    huh? a g4 is not considered a mac anymore?

    Oh? I didn't know that OmniWeb could do that. Whrere can I get that so I can be accessable to "Windows-only" sites? And will it work with Mac OS 9? I've only have Mac OS 9, my computer won't work with Mac OS X. :(
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    Poll: PC and/or Mac users in this forum?

    A few months ago, I have no computer, I had to use someone's Windows 98 computer *Yikes* But 2 month ago I finally got my own Macintosh computer! Finally Now I hope I won't touch Windows 98 ever again. :D (Unless I am froced to use Windows 98 at work...)
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    huh? a g4 is not considered a mac anymore?

    I didn't see these 2 message. Guess we post same time :) Anyway. I have been built a site before. I know only very little. Here's how it works: When you enter site. It check what kind of computer you have: Windows, Mac, or Linux or other OS. So it can direct you to the right site that...
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    huh? a g4 is not considered a mac anymore?

    Hi. I checked it at Apple site. It worked fine, maybe it not just your web browser. It might Apple's site. The site first check what kind of web browser you have. I think Apple site only support two web browsers: 1. Internet Explorer 5 2. Netscape 6.2. (Don't know about Netscape's...
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    Sound problems

    Hello. My Macintosh is 8100 with 80 MHz, and Mac OS 9.0.0. I realize that my battery is low. I have noticed that my machine acting up. The sound keeps go up and down and turn on and off mute repeatly. Any suggest about this or is this becasue my battery is low? Thank you.
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    MACE - Mac OS 9 apps in unix sys'es

    If you miss old 68040 Macs, here's a Mac emulator sites for PC Windows: This site has Mac ROM that you can put it in your PC, be sure it has one(1) ISA solt free. The cost for the ROM around $200 - $400. If you don't want a ROM, here's other one: (Also...
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    If Apple made Windows 98.......

    Just in case you don't know what happened long time ago... Before Windows 95 was created, Windows 3.1 was very hard, Mac OS 7.5 was so easy, but many, many business have Windows 3.1. Microsoft comes up with new OS Windows 95, then business, schools, homes likes Windows 95 better than Mac...
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    If Apple made Windows 98.......

    What I am saying that, Windows 3.1 was so hard for everyone most of people hate it. Microsoft come up with Windows 95 and then most people likes it. I am saying if Apple makes Windows 95 before Microsoft comes up with that idea, then business, schools, homes would switch to Macintosh...
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    If Apple made Windows 98.......

    Do you think Windows 98 is Apple's answer to get most business, schools, homes to use Mac. I meant if Windows 98 was designed to run Mac softwares, not Windows software, would you buy it from Apple?
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    Mac OS X for AMD/Intel

    Well...Good luck on your PC adventures. But I have NO interest in PC Windows! I can't wait to get pay day next month so I can get modem for my Macintosh! Right now I have no modem for Macintosh, I am froced to use PC to get on online! When I get modem for Macintosh, than I don't have...
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    I Have Been Forced To Buy A Pc

    I hate when that happen.....But there a PC emulator that you can run Windows on Mac! I hope I will not be froced to buy PC....But I will if I am froced to. WHY?! Because if I don't, I lose job. That would be stuipid thing to do. If I am, I will buy PC emulator...