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    Adding supertext type things to a live broadcast to be streamed to the net.

    I want to know how it is possible to add text onto live broadcasts that i stream (as live as a live sport fixture)during the live stream. I am talking about virtual scoreboards on the screen, names of people popping up, stopwatches etc. like supertext as they call it. Does anyone have any...
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    Mac OS X on intel PCs?

    There is a way to install Mac OS X 10.4 on an Intel Platform. It requires a little bit of hacking, hard drive space, Windows XP or Linux and more. See it at It does not seem to be much work but you will need to look closely. Some...
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    Mac Os X With Windows Internet Connection Sharing Problem

    What I can gather is of the following clarified: pauljohny either has the ibook and the sony vaio laptop (as reffered to pc) or he has the ibook, the vaio, and a seperate PC. He also wants to connect a WAP (wireless access point) extension to the network at his university. The university...