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    Bluetooth Mouse FCC approved!

    Nokia's 7650 is a clunky disaster waiting to happen. I know, I tested the prototype during an MMS content production project. Nokia's implementation of MMS is nasty. SonyEricsson's is much better. In the next 6 months we are going to see Nokia's share price fall slightly and Ericsson's...
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    iCal and iSynce confirmation

    I was wondering if 'iCal' would be compatible with an M$ Exchange server as I know 'Mail' is over a Virtual Private Network. I'd love to ditch Outlook 2001 because it still runs in classic and it's crap. Problem is, I work in a mixed environment of Macs and PCs and do alot of scheduling...
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    To Jaguar or not to Jaguar?

    10.2 is what 10.0 should have been. I feel like I've been duped because I bought the public beta for £30 and 10.0 for £100. I played with 10.0 and kept updating it in the hope that I could eventually be confident enough to migrate from OS9. I wasn't happy with 10.1.5 and found it almost...
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    Adobe Streamline Replacement

    Import your bitmap in to FlashMX Use the 'Trace Bitmap' command in FlashMX then export as EPS. It's an odd work around I know but it's faster than steamline and I think it's better too!
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    Classic in Jaguar...

    I'm running Jaguar now and love it! I don't mind if some of my progs have to open Classic because it's been greatly improved, the integration is almost seamless. So I don't think ditching classic is an option for me, it'll be a slower process. For the first time with OSX, I now feel that I no...
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    Is my LaCie CDR dead?

    I have the same problem with my drive, however documentation in ToastTi 5.1.4 says the drive is supported. Jaguar can read audio disks from my cdr via scsi but ToastTi 5.1.4 can't even see the drive and I don't know where it scans because it doesn't find a thing! My guess is that the...
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    Scanning under OS X

    It's not that old but it is according to canon! Native drivers don't exist however it works well from classic. The only bummer is that I can no longer import scans from photoshop because I'm using ps7.0 in carbon.
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    what SCSI card to use?

    A few years ago I got a B/W G3 350Mhz and bought the adaptec 2930U (PCI) to chain an external HD, CDR (yamaha crw4260tx), and an old Agfa scanner. The power on the external HD broke so I ripped out the drive and connected it to the SCSI card internally (with a few pin modifications!). I...