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    Checking prices on other MP3-players on the market! Surprises me everytime how incredibly much better the iPod is when price/features is compared! I told one of my peecee m8s yesterday that I ordered an mp3-player... 400$! He said; "What??? You pay 400 for a MP3-player? You get MP3-players...
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    Gf2MX drivers for 9 and X

    use the application TomeViewer to extract the drivers from the installer. I cant help you with more than that....sorry
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    OSX Video Codecs...

    Place the codecs in the /Library/Quicktime folder! I dont know anything about if classic codecs work but, this is where I placed my codecs, and they work!
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    What is your main WORK OS?

    They say windows 2000 is the best @ school. We have 25 IBM Netvistas "running", and 2 (+1 admin) guys to maintain everything. And there is always three or four of them not working for a reason. Might be because its a school with a lot of destructive ppl, but 10-20% not working is too much...
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    oh boy....

    Has ViaHTTP gotten any updates lately? Well, last time I used it, it would crash (hard reboot) as a punishment for looking at it! So I deleted it in fear for myself opening the application again!
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    I am almost 100% sure it is something about it on Maccentral!
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    I Finally Have Mac Os X 10.1!!!!!

    Still waiting, that is not cool, but if you say it's worth it, ok :) Still wondering why I didn't order it sooner :rolleyes:
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    Quake Arena console?

    Your problem indicates you don't have an american keyboard! The problem is easy to go around, just change your keyboard-layout in the International control-panel to American!
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    Half Life on Mac

    The day Half-Life comes to the mac (and therefore also Counterstrike) will be the most black and embarrasing day since Apple released the horrid Flower-Power/Blue Dalmatian colour scheme on the iMac! Comon, we dont NEED that kind of game, it will only trouble your macs ass!
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    Running Unix/Linux binaries in Mac OS X

    I guess some of them are Intel/AMD processors only...
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    Good news! I'm really looking forward to forget the modem for good! Aww...I hope I'll get a girlfriend by then, else I will be stuck in my room playing with my brand-new broadband line (read: Quake online :D)
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    Hardware Question

    As usual, it _depends_! The 9600 uses an old processor, the 604e which is in some cases slower than a G3 (on lower frequency) because of the shitty cache-structure it uses. But it has a good FPU! And ksv, dont trust benchmarks, they always lie :D
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    "They" (A NextGenTel local worker) say we'll get broadband up here next month, at half the price of the standard Telewhore equal services, and we'll proll get around 1 Mbit... That'll be very nice, if they deliver when they say!
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    Ordered the OSX.1 update from today, 1 SEK+shipping :) Os is in Nord-¯sterdalen, the worst place in Norway to live if you're a computer-user :mad: well...
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    Well, here up in the mountain there are simply no local apple retailer and that kind of pisses me off :mad: I don´t have norwegian 10.0.x, so I want the int.english one, which shouldnt be such a "big" problem...
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    Ok, daså...hvordan funker 10.1 på en oppgradert Mac? Jeg ser lite lyst på å bestille via up-to-date, det tar jo så LANG tid! Og jeg finner heller ingen forhandlere i Norge som har oppdateringen på billigsalg (1399 spenn, urk)! Så, svenske Macoteket ser ut til å være _en_ løsning!
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    Damn, I really H_A_T_E the "New Thread" button that lies besides the Add Reply button I intended to use! This is the 3rd damn time!!! AHHHRG!
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    Det er en ting som irriterer meg; De sier iPod krever 9.2.1, men fins det noen norsk versjon? Nei! *snøfte på* Fin pris derimot :D btw. Hvor fikk du tak i 10.1? Carracho?
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    nå må du gi deg :)

    siden du bor i Trondheim, er det sjangser for at du er student, altså samme som "Badeball". Han er intet mer enn en vanlig fysikk-matte-student, men nesten legendarisk Quake 1-spiller i mine trakter :D bare lurte altså!
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    nå må du gi deg :)

    ser ikke akkurat behovet for en gammel 6500 stående, men.. takk for tilbudet anyways... btw. siden du bor i Trondheim, kjenner du Michael "Badeball" Andersen?