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    How can I configure the preferences so that no matter who logs in, all users, include the system, use the same preferences? I post this topic here because I can't post to Q&A archive. don't know why I don't have the permission.
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    Linux on PPC

    I have tried mandrake linux 8.0, and I felt it was slow, but much faster than OSX. Be course I concerned on the software, I didn't use it for a long time. I have to say that if we can get a good theme, it is much better than OS X.;)
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    Why Linux?

    Sorry to those who love linux. I have to say that I hate linux. Why? Linux has a lot of developer, but they behave like unix developer. The software is not compatible to all version of linux. Currently Red Hat is said to 90% compatible to Mandrake. This is already the best compatibility...
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    PowerMac is really as good as Apple say?

    Now I don't believe that 1Ghz means everything. I have a 1.9Ghz P4, when running XP, it is stupid slow. I pay more attention to the OS X. OS X has wasted a lot of the computer resource. I hope it can speed up more.
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    AdmiralAK is also a freeware lover. I don't like realplayer even under Windows. Realplayer costs a lot of memory and is slow. RealOne also can crash the system. But now, only real soft can play its media type.
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    Mac Benchmark

    To compare the CPU of PowerPC and x86. I think we have to develop a DOS system for both x86 and PowerPC and use the same compiler to compile it without doing any optimization. This is better because when you use the taskt manager in XP, you will find that there is 99% of CPU time is doing...
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    File/Folder renaming issues

    Apple still can support very long file name. But it does support very long menu. Don't know why.
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    Mac OS X 10.2 build 6B11 leaked...

    Any way, if the version doesn't support my epson printer and VCD playing, I will not plan to buy it. but I will test it from hotline;)
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    Carbon and Classic

    Here I run into a problem. I have an application which should be Carbonized and be able to run under X. But don't know why the finder treats it as a classic application and refuses to run it. I have two questions. 1. How to make it so that it can run under X in the Carbon Env.(native is...
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    Language kit in OS X

    It is said that the language kit is able to be extracted from the CD. Who has done that? and where can I don't load the language kit?
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    I have use the OmniWeb 4.1sp14, it runs very good. But there is a lot of shortcomings. the right click menu doesn't have back and forward command. the worst feature is: it seems a single thread application. when open more than one window, it browses the web much much slower. I can't find...
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    Office v.X. Where can we find it?

    I got a retail version, it is running very slow. So I seldom use it and don't want to buy the legal copy. I use the free TEXT editor. It is good for us just to do edit job and add picture to the text. But I don't find any spreadsheet to replace excel, so I keep the illegal copy of retail...
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    End of Classic?

    Why X is slow? because it is running on top of darwin which is UNIX. Why windows is faster? because the desktop is integrated into the kernel. X is not, desktop is running as an application. The classic is at the end, but still using. I will throw classic away when there is Chinese input and...
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    [HOWTO] - Install Snax and replace your OSX finder

    How can I disable the Finder, then just use the dock to launch my program? I can add all programmes to my dock.
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    Memory leak in the OS?

    Me too!!!, I have 1G RAM, but the system seems running under very low memory. No difference between 1G and 128 RAM when running 10.1. This must be the super bug in X.