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    Trackpad Screwy

    my trackpad all of a sudden just wants to cause trouble... frequently...i will go to use my trackpad....and it will not work the arrow will just flutter in a small spot..... sometimes it will only scroll up and down...and wont move in any other direction.... sometimes it will just sit...
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    Finder Issues

    I dont know what happened...but my finder is all screwy... when i open the finder doesnt have the network icon on the top left. furthermore.....when i select network from the Go menu bar....nothing appears in the network.... i have not changed anything that i know...
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    I have just moved to HK. I have a powerook G4 w/ 10.4.2 The office here in HK has a bunch of PC's and are all connected to the internet (Broadband). When I plug my computer into the ethernet port, it will not connect to the internet. They tell me that MAC's dont work in HK for...
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    New SW Update = iTunes hurt

    fixed it..... somehow a file got thrown into the plugins folder that didnt belong.... was causing itunes to "Think Different":D threw it out and works fine now......
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    New SW Update = iTunes hurt

    since the new update, my itunes has not been functioning properly.... it has froze on launch.....3 times now it eventually works...but i am forced to watch the beach ball spin for about 2 or 3 minutes before itunes is functional...this is every time i launch now. anyone have the same issues...
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    avi2mpeg2 - FFMpeg?

    would that be the same method if i want to go from avi to dvd? i am using a PC w/ dvd burner...but in order to fit more on 1 says to make the file a mpeg2 first. so i am using my Mac to convert avi2mpeg2..then burn on the Pc 2 DVD.... is this right? same method?
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    avi2mpeg2 - FFMpeg?

    is there any free programs (or real cheap) that convert .avi or .mov to .mpg2? I tried FFMpeg - which said to d/l the 3 files inorder to get mpeg2 encoding.......however it gives me several errors depending on my arrangement...not allowing me to install the 3 files.... any info or help ASAP...
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    How do I play avi's through Quicktime?

    some avi's will play under QT....others will not..... i have not seemed to come to a conclusion, but i believe it is through the codecs...some of the codecs i think somehow make it work..... i am probly so wrong....but then again, who isnt? just get whoops @$$ ...thats it...
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    9 booting killed all that was holy!

    I don't know what happened....but, I tried to set up At&t cable ISP, and upon doing so I was directed to boot in 9 (something I had not done in ages).... up until this point, my classic was working fine and no problems ever booting in 9...... this time when i tried to boot in 9, it...
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    read and write chinese ???

    how do you install it if it is not already installed?? and where do i find it??
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    ??? Dsl Problems ???

    if i get a i need all the adapters verizon and earthlink tell me about?? and if i buy a router....what provider is best...or decent? Verizon? Earthlink? ect? i am in boston
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    read and write chinese ???

    I have been trying to make my computer read and write chinese on applications and internet.....but needless to say...i have been unlucky......anyone know what i can do?
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    ??? Dsl Problems ???

    I am new to home networking. I am about to move to boston, and setup 2 computers on DSL. However, I don't know what to get... we have 1 mac os x computer and 1 windows 98 computer earthlink is too damn expensive, verizon sounds like a cheaper deal...but there is no software for...
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    Windows app. on X ???

    is it possible to run a windows chat app. on X.1 or X.2 i want to use QQ (possibly the best chat client, allowing you to send messages to pagers, cell phones, etc, along with the normal chats to online and offline users, full with colorful characters, and skins) it is far better than...