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    Weird Text Formatting In Mail

    My mail program has been formatting the address info on incoming mail and mail I send. It looks like this for what appears to be no reason. Email address from From: Subject: This looks wierd Date: November 3, 2005 3:00:13 AM EST...
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    Security Update Broke My Mac

    If you're running a wacom tablet follow these instructions and update the driver for tiger. I just reinstalled a new system folder and narrowed my "app crash on open" problem down to that. A bad driver for my wacom tablet. Aug. 01, 2005 was the last tablet update for my model. I'm now...
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    Security Update Broke My Mac

    That most recent system software update has had question marks floating over my head as well. I've been away from my own machine for days since then fixing another system. Once I got back to my own, my accounting software started acting funny and creating odd files at startup and save that...