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    Source for color ls

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    Question about browsers and Address Book

    Hmm, seems any time I click on a "mailto" link in a brower, that address is saved to Address Book. I do not like this behavior and cannot find a way to toggle it off. Any ideas? btw, this happens in both IE and OmniWeb.
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    Source for color ls

    I refuse to install a .pkg. Does the uninstall feature actually work in 10.1?
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    Source for color ls

    I installed but it did not show color :/ I will try again from home versus over SSH.
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    10.1 stand alone?

    I will get rid of it when there is a Yahoo messenger alternative that is better than Fire.
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    Source for color ls

    Where can I find this? :)
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    New version of OpenSSH

    There is a new version of OpenSSH (2.9.9p2) which addresses some security issues. I have borrowed from Scott Anguish at Stepwise and created instructions on installed OpenSSH 2.9.9p2 on MacOS X. I have installed and tested this on my own system and it's working fine. You need to install 3...
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    Classic SUCKS BIG TIME!

    I have the same configuration with 768 megs. Classic is fine for me. It is on a separate hard disk.
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    The NEW Longest uptime....

    My SGI was at 58-59 days until we had a 3 hour power outage. :(
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    up-to-date from Apple is fast !!!!

    At least we had it on the first day. :D
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    SMB over commandline

    I do not see samba on my 10.1 install.
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    QueDrive Not burning...

    Works for me.
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    SMB over commandline

    In 10.1 you can connect to SMB shares by going to the Go menu and clicking Connect to Server. You enter the information: smb://domainname;user@host/share Is there a way to do this via command line?
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    OSX DNS/Web Server

    Register a domain with any registrar. Go to and they will habdle your DNS for free.
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    how do i see how much RAM is being used?

    Once Yahoo gets their act together I will not need Classic. :/ Fire is just not good enough to use for Yahoo messenger service so don't suggest it. :)
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    Mapping Windows share via CLI

    Is this doable?
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    10.1 - change your drive icons easily!

    In other words, just like in old school MacOS?
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    Olympus D-460 and Image Capture

    Has anyone been able to get any Olympus cameras, specifically the D-460, to work with Image Capture? Thanks :) Gary
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    Change File Mapping

    I cleared all the type/creator codes for my ST documents and added a .txt to them. Get info on say a .jpg and pull down the menu to pic the app that opens it.