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    Wallstreet - Give me some advice Pls?

    Taking out the extra 256MB of RAM and just leaving the Stock 64MB in cured the problem with X installing and Running on my Powerbook, and someone elses iBook, and iMac. Good Luck
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    OS X will install but not boot!!!

    In my '99 Powerbook G3 Bronze keyboard, which has the same design for the processor card and memory configuration X wouldn't install. When I removed all but the stock 64MB of RAM, it installed perfect the first time, and booted and hasn't crashed since. So remove any non - Stock RAM. Good luck
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    Powerbook G3 Series 1998 Problems

    Try Removing any Memory that was not included with your original configuration. Good Luck.
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    repartition my disk?

    Well the truth is you can install X on the same Partition as MacOS 9.0.4. To be exact could you list your Hardware Config to give people an Idea what your dealing with. Good luck.
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    Installer freezes on iMac

    You should have taken out the NON STOCK MEMORY. This has cured the installation problems with not just my PowerBook, but with several other types of macs who have had installation problems. Sure X is slow on 64MB but it runs solid and hasn't crashed yet in X. (No forced restarts). And from...
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    MacOS X CD won't boot on iBook

    I noticed that with my Bronze Keyboard Lombard that the only time I got X to install was when I was running with ONLY the STOCK 64MB of RAM installed. After I removed my extra 128 in the top slot I haven't frozen since. X will Run under 64MB of RAM, albeit slow when switching between 3 or 4...