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    PHP & mySQL revisited: Help needed

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    Take that Adobe!

    Sounds worth a shot to me. ;)
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    Take that Adobe!

    :confused: Selling hardware at cost. Critical mass. I agree. However, I wasn't comparing the two. I was making a point about positioning. ::angel:: I be flyin' high... watchin' dem stars light in da sky... doo be doo be doo...
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    Take that Adobe!

    Positioning 101: Get the brand into the mind's eye. What does VW stand for? GM? PS2? KFC? J-Lo? What is the name of the company that makes Internet Explorer? Windows? X-Box? When customer A goes to store B in search of item C, will he/she/it buy nobrand item Y or branded item Z which...
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    Take that Adobe!

    Bingo! That's what it's all about. Just like the game console wars... it's not about the money, it's about the brand position. Kid grows up playing MS X-Box will be more likely to buy MS products. Yippideedoo. ::alien::
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    Apple to sell movies online?

    All I can say is I can't wait! I've got this 14.4 modem just dying to be dusted off... and I can't think of a better use for it than downloading movies off the internet! Now if I could just find that Nubus adapter someplace... ::angel::
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    Take that Adobe!

    I thought they were all working at 1 Infinite Loop. Did you hear about the squirrel with one leg? He bit the other one off trying to cross-dress the chicken. ::angel::
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    IE only browser that supports Flash Player correctly...

    Thankyou. It's been a while. I had a few things to take care of with Jesus and his Superfriends. It's not easy being dead--there's a lot of paperwork involved. But everything's cool now. I have to say the best movie I've seen up here is Spirited Away. Makes all the chicks cry for some reason...
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    IE only browser that supports Flash Player correctly...

    After using Camino, Safari, and others, I have discovered that Internet Explorer is the only browser that displays Flash movies properly. Note that in Camino and Safari, the mouse cursor is always the finger click icon, which is incorrect. It shouldn't be the finger click icon unless it rolls...
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    Vanilla Sky

    Vanilla Sky borrows themes from similar stories and movies such as Total Recall and countless others... a better movie that deals with this type of phenom is "The Game", or even "Eyes Wide Shut," which, when watched properly, can really screw with your head.
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    Camino 0.70

    Camino works faster than Saf for me in most situations. Safari isn't handling PHP very well... Macromedia, however, won't let you browse the exchange area without an approved browser, Camino isn't one of them.
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    I would like to applaud Apple

    How about people stop jumping to conclusions just because someone doesn't agree with your point of view?
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    Dear Therapist,

    lol... ed this cracks me up dude... lol... the ol "backdoor routine" !!!!!!!!! *totally* :D BTW-- i can totally relate of course, i didn't start dating seriously until I was about 18... i was a late bloomer... of course that doesn't mean I didn't like girls... I had crushes on chicks since...
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    Dear Therapist,

    lol... no I know man... ahhhhhh... i only said that to contrast the massive amount of analysis that was being put forth to the lad... i suppose by the time he digests it all trip will be 30! Like the nike ads say: JUST DO IT! :D <women aren't the mystery you think they are, and one day...
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    Dear Therapist,

    OH FOR FSCK SAKE YOU PANSIES JUST ASK THE GIRL OUT lol :D :the smiley with the bonking head:
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    Keynote vs. Powerpoint