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    installing Device::SerialPort perl module

    Hi has anyone succesfully got this module working under x? Running gives me a load of errors based around missing ioctl methods: Finding ioctl methods ... trying ''... nope trying 'asm/'... nope trying 'sys/'... nope trying 'sys/'...
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    New product is MPEG-4 based?

    please see: sorry to cross post, seems inefficent to have the thred in 2 places :)
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    How can I create a double click icon to run script shell

    this is a new feature of 10.1: you can run applescript/perl and shell routines from it. I don't fully understand how to create shell scripts, if this works for you, will you share it? cheers Tobie
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    AppleScript Studio? Is this our new HyperCard?

    this looks very cool, nice articles as well. Does Apache, as it ships with 10.1, include a SOAP client/server? I would like to see how to adapt these applescripts as cgi/php scripts so I can run them with an html/flash front end. This looks like a very powerfull feature of the os. I...