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    samba pkg??

    i was planning on giving it a try this weekend....if i get it functioning i'd be more than happy to post a url that you can get it... but, if you could beat someone up enough to find the answer to my MySQL post i'll be a very happy camper.... :) -drew
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    Installing MySQL

    so i downloaded the binary distro for MySQL on X, but i can't seem to get it installed where it needs to go...most of the help docs that came with it seem to be the default set, and the commands don't see to take in a terminal (it doesn't surprise me though)....on my SuSE box MySQL is installed...
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    How do you guys move the dock around?

    probably if you know enough about xml... -drew
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    I gots the final. :)

    i was thinking the exact same thing.... under 24 hours now for myself... -drew
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    i was poking around the public beta tis morning and when i was reading the sshd_config file i noticed that by default root was allowed to login remotely....i very quickly su'd to root, changed it to no, saved, and exited...i just dont' like the idea that root could come in at all for some...
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    All Hail SillyBalls!

    really? i always thought nethack was for the "sole purpose of benefitting programmers"? tis ok....i downloaded a bunch of source code the other day (like nethack's <grin>) and intend to spend this week attempting to "port" them over successfully to X.... and to think i don't even like...