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    X.1 + Airport

    There was some discussion of this on the macnn forums. You can set up OS X to forward IP from one interface to the other and vice versa. My guess is that AppleTalk forwarding would be a problem, though. Check out and do a search on airport.
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    If Wolfenstein a good game???

    My G4/400 w/Rage 128 pro is also too slow. I'm reduced to playing on my P3/450 w/TNT2.
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    I Want My Halo!!!

    MacSlash's article is hardly definitive. Both Inside Mac Games and Mac Gamer are reporting that Mac and PC versions of Halo are possibilities (IMG is a little more positive than Mac Gamer). The bottom line is that no-one's really sure if it will be coming out for anything except the X-Box...
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    I Want My Halo!!!

    As for me, As long as Microsoft releases good software for the Mac, I'll buy it. Boycotting perfectly good software just because it comes from MS is pretty stupid, IMHO. IMHO, Office is a perfectly nice office suite. Bought Close Combat, and I will buy Halo when/if it comes out. Office...
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    X.1... where is 'make'?

    Install the dev tools (available from ). You have to register to download, but it's quick and easy.
  6. J accounts disable email clients!

    Eudora 5.1b16 is happy as a clam. No probs I didn't have back in 10.0.x. 10.1-G4/400 Powerbook & 10.1-G4/400/AGP
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    Wolfenstein demo performance

    What really hurts is how well my P3450/TNT 2 machine plays the game. Very smooth, no dropped frames that can't be attributed to lag, heavy visual effects. Sigh.
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    What do you miss least about Mac OS 9?

    Miss: Spring loaded folders Tabbed folders Good performance on shooter games (I'm on a G4/400 AGP) Having all applications run natively Good power management on my TiBook Dont' miss: Cooperative multitasking (except when gaming) The old DVD player Bad memory management...
  9. J

    Wolfenstein demo performance

    How has this been playing for everyone? On my rather sub-par machine (G4/400 AGP 256mb RAM 10.1), I haven't been able to get playable frame rates yet. Things are ok If I'm inside the bunker and noone else's around, but the moment another player comes in sight or I look out a window, my rates...
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    Warranty claim ( PB G4 )

    Apple hardware comes with a one year warranty, not 90 days. They used to (way back when) have a 90 day warranty, but they changed it (under duress, as I recall) to one year. The TiBook I bought in March is in for warranty repair now. One of the rubber stops that prevent the screen from...
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    Classic SUCKS BIG TIME!

    If you haven't already, you might want to make a clean install of 9.x and use that as your classic environment. I had problems way back with the public beta when I tried using my regular 9.1 install for classic. FWIW, I'm having no problems with classic (9.2.1) on my machine.
  12. J

    OS X 10.1 Developer Tools now available

    I haven't been able to download the .dmg yet. After I click on the download button, the transfer stalls at 0 bytes transferred.
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    CVS in 10.1

    Maybe it'll start to work after the the Dev Tools are installed. As I remember, a lot of dev-related cli tools didn't work under 10.0 until the tools were installed. The dev tools are supposed to be available for download sometime today. The ADC site seems to be down right now, though.
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    QT and 10.1 major speed problems

    FWIW, on my G4/400 (single processor) w/256 meg RAM, playing a 320x200 DiVX encoded movie takes up between 30 and 50% of my processor and plays very smoothly. Contrast this with the DVD player which takes about 50-60% of my processor for a much higher quality movie. I freely admit that I...
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    It's also that the playback quality is much better than it was under 9.x. I used to see moire patterns in some of the movies I played. Wherever there were thin lines against a contrasting color, you could seee moire patterns if the camera moved (this can easily be seen in the dojo fight scene...
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    Separate Partitions Still recommended?

    When I first installed X on my PowerBook, I wiped the drive and put a clean install of 9 and X on the same volume. I had some real classic stability problems with that configuration. I had the classic environment quitting on me constantly. I then wiped the drive and partitioned it into...
  17. J

    DVD player features in OS 10.1

    I would have liked to see a small digital chapter/time readout in the controller. The info window is a little (lot) obstrusive. That's pretty much a quibble, though.
  18. J

    Mouse under Mac OS X 10.1

    If you have a Kensington mouse, try installing the Mouseworks beta available on Kensington's website. I noticed that mouse acceleration wasn't all I wanted it to be before I installed it. Afterwards, my Kensington optical was plenty zippy. It also fixed the problem of the OS forgetting my...
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    Manhattan 10.1 update availability

    The glasses guy at the 5th Ave CompUSA said they had plenty of the retail packages, but none of the upgrade packs. Of course, this guy came off as something of a moron, so I'm not inclined to take anything he said as gospel ;)
  20. J

    Manhattan 10.1 update availability

    This is what I know about availability: - The CompUSA on 5th does not have it. The Apple rep on site's (there are two at that store. I spoke with a short guy with glasses) an idiot and claimed noone on the East Coast would have it today. - Datavision on 5th said that they ought to...