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    Video CD conversion?

    anyone know of a good program to convert VCD folders into playable movie files? I have folders with files like .r00 and .r01 but I don't know how to play them. A friend gave me a video cd of a Japanese movie I'd really like to watch, and I have the folders but no way to play them! Help!
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    Keyboard volume?

    All of the sudden my keyboard stopped controlling the volume on my computer. My mute button still works, but I can not turn the volume up or down. Any ideas?
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    Web Pages

    I would like to get into making webpages for myself, but I am not exactly savvy with how to do so. I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a (sharware or freeware?) web page developing tool that would be easy to use for a beginner. Also, Wondering if there is a free web posting site...
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    Spy Ware?

    With the whole Napster deal and their blatent use of checking in on Microsoft user computers, I wondered if there was anything on Mac that did the same type of thing. Many of my friends said that there is some sort of file like that in the AOL application. Is that the same on the mac version...
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    sony dcr-trv140 and os x

    Thanks everyone, I'm not sure what cable to get for the camera. Does anyone know what pin to what pin? I've been dying to hook something up to those damn firewire ports, they just look so lonely. Thanks
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    sony dcr-trv140 and os x

    I just recieved a Sony DCR-trv140 for Christmas and although the instructions state it will work for a Mac (os 8.5 and higher but no OS x) I can't get it to work at all in either operating system. I tried iMovie, it won't work with that and I tried the ImageMixer program that came with and that...
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    Virtual PC GTAIII

    I'm running os 10.1 and I have virtual pc and a copy of gta 3. Virtual PC runs slow as hell, I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion or if playing a game through virtual pc is hopeless.
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    i need some help

    it is 69.00 for students. I didn't know the apple store worked that way. If I would have known that I wouldn't have paid so much for my computer. Thank you for letting me know about that.
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    i need some help

    yea I really don't appreciate that, i'm sorry that i don't come from your world of being able to afford things. You're probably one of those people that downloads everything under the sun for free but refuses to share. We all love those people, don't we?
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    i need some help

    I was just wondering if anyone out there knows where I can download a copy of Jaguar. I'm in college, so I can't really afford to buy it. I know that this isn't the best way to go, but I will eventually pay for it. I have used a mac since I was 2 and I can't stand to be left behind the times...
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    Adaptec Toast

    This is a desperate Plea. I have an iomega zip burner and I lost the CD with the software on it and I am scrounging around for a copy of toast for mac os 9, i already have the X updater but it doesnt help without the original. If someone has an FTP or a site where I can get it the help would...
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    Quicktime can blow me

    How in the heck can I play AVI's? Quicktime sure doesn't understand them? Anyone know either when Windows Media Player is coming out for OS X or how in the world I can play an AVI with quicktime? I downloaded some Divosx tool but dont really know how to use it. Thanks:mad:
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    What the divx

    What is the deal here everyone? I got a divx movie on my computer, ok picture and absolutely no sound. I am using quick time pro. Can I do anything to play it or am I doomed to certain sound extiction? Another player? Another quicktime plugin? HELP ME , I will pay for answers, well not...
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    Help me out please

    I'm on a college server and its awesome how I can connect to other Macintosh computers, but this native Windows networking, how does it work. There is a lot of stuff my friends can grab that I would like to. Is there a way to just display the Windows OS computers just like the Mac ones?Thank you
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    Hey everyone. I was walking down the hall of my dorm and saw someone playing starcraft. Looks like an awesome game. Anyone out there willing to give me the full version or know of somewhere I can get it. I am a broke college student and I can't wait for Christmas. Thanks ALOT, really...
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    Internet Explorere passive forever!

    Where do I type this command?
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    About this update business

    it seems to me that everyone is in a big tissy abuot this whole update thing.. Oh its 20 dollars, it wasn't complete when I got it, blah blah blah. I was on that train about 6 hours ago. I was pissed I couldn't burn CD's or watch DVD's or any of the stuff I like to do on my mac. I went to...
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    Macavenger about your FTP...

    I am the one person downloading from Macavenger at the moment. For some reason the FTP is only transferring at about 11 kb a second, but hey I can wait the 9 hours...Don't know why its going so slow though...I have a T1 connection, I am the only one downloading...anything I can do to speed this...
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    Internet Explorere passive forever!

    Is there such a thing as a break? I try to download something now that i have gotten to school and I have this awesome high speed connection as opposed to my P.O.S. modem, and half the time internet explorer just sits on is arse and says setting passive mode? What the me...
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    Quake? Anyone? Please?

    So, I go online and I download Quake for OSX. Im thinking awesome, a really cool game to play while i wait to get 10.1 (which I am currenty downloading, you rock macavenger) and I open it up and it asks for some folder. I open up the readme and I need to get quake, either the full version or...