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    Wireless Connection Keeps Dropping

    I am a recent Switcher and I am experiencing some issues with my wireless connection that has now become annoying!!! I have a wireless network set up with WEP security. My wireless connection can work fine with excellent signal strengh but loses connection quite regular. But, it never does...
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    New to Mac - AOL question - HELP !!!

    Cheers for that I will give the desktop one a go. Seems this is available from Apple so may have better chance. The one I tried was from AOL. With rgards to just using Safari, I completely agree but im afraid that the kids are used to the whole AOL application and will be painful trying to...
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    New to Mac - AOL question - HELP !!!

    Unfortunetely we still need to run the AOL application on our new Mac. We have it working fine on Windows but I just cannot seem to get it running on the Mac. I have downloaded the application "AOL for MAC OS" from the AOL website and it installs fine but when I start AOL up it opens up as...