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    Mac OS X for i386 platform: myth or real?

    Being based on NexT and BSD, I there is no technical reason for the OS, without Carbon, to be ported to other platforms. NexT began life as a Moto 68000 processor OS, moved to Intel and was also ported to Sparc. I would almost guarantee that hidden away in the Apple dungeons is a working...
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    Mac OS X for i386 platform: myth or real?

    Waaaaay back when the thing was called Rhapsody, developers were given copies of Rhap for Intel, and Yellow Box for Windows. Rhap for Intel was a full OS. I ran it on my PC at home for a while with a nice, but minimal, OS8-ish gui. Yellow for Windows would have allowed Rhap for Intel apps to...
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    Removing OS X

    I've got DP4 running on an iMac. When I try to install the Beta, it tells me that I have to re-format the hard disk, naturally destroying the exisitng OS9 installation. I'm not very pleased about this. I'm searching for uninstall instructions to get rid of DP4. So far the best solution...