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    Bluetooth problems - passkey too long

    I have a bluetooth enabled mobile phone (VK2020) which I'd like to sync with my iCal and Address Book. As I don't have a data cable, I tried syncing using bluetooth. Unfortunately, my Mac provides a 8-digit passkey for pairing with the mobile. However, VK2020 accepts only 4 digits, not more...
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    PB G4 freezes during installation

    I got my PowerBook G4 20 months ago and managed to drop it twice :-( The first time hard-disk got damaged, so I replaced it. Things were fine until the second drop 4 months later. I got the new hard disk (just to eliminate that possibility), but cannot make the PB working properly. The...
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    Hardware tests with faulty optical drive

    Unfortunately, holding down the mouse button didn't help. I've tried (many times) many things - resetting the pmu, the pram, open firmware and many other magic key combinations - but, no luck. It looks more and more likely that the drive suffered some kind of mechanical failure and that it...
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    Hardware tests with faulty optical drive

    Optical drive in my PowerBook G4 12" is not working. Can I run hardware tests available on CDs which I got the machine? If so, how can I do that? Do I need another Mac? Can I copy files to hard disk and run it then? I've never used these tests, but would like to see what kind of response I...
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    Powerbook G4 - Hard Disk Failure & Cannot Load Cd

    Hi Elliot and thanks for your quick reply. Apologies for delay, but I was away for 10-ish days and had no Internet access. I was hoping to take my PB on the trip with me, but didn't as it was totally broken. Anyway, let's get back to business. 2 weeks ago a hard disk failed. I then got a...
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    Powerbook G4 - Hard Disk Failure & Cannot Load Cd

    Hi there, I'm relatively new (year-ish) Mac convert and enjoying it. That is, until recently. My PB 12" first experienced a hard disk failure. I replaced the hard disk with a new, but now cannot load any CDs/DVDs in order to install Tiger. Yesterday, I could load a DVD and the...