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    viewing font files

    maybe i'm just missing something here (been using os x since the pb), but is there any way to double-click a font file and see a sample a la os 9? having to install a font in one of the various font directories and fire up textedit to get to the font panel just to view what the characters of...
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    how to set stuffit expander as default in os x?

    greetings-- i've run across this problem before with os x and haven't been able to figure out how to fix it short of waiting for the next time i'm doing a re-install. recently os x has decided to default to using OpenUp as its default file translator/decompressor rather than StuffIt...
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    non-usb printing under os x?

    hey folks, i've got a personal laserwriter and an epson stylus 740c hooked up to my beige g3 300mhz minitower. maybe i'm just dumb as a box of hair, but i can't figure out for the life of me how to access either of these printers under X. does anyone have any insight on using non-usb printers...
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    formac proformance3?

    i've also been waiting for formac to release drivers for os x, after being assured by the tech support person when i bought the card in january that they'd have os x drivers "shortly after" the final release in march. does anyone have any formac products and received useful tech support? i've...
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    Cannot connect to ISP from X

    i'm having similar problems as well. x installed fine and i was able to log on to my isp using dial-up, repeatedly and without difficulty. as of this afternoon, however, i am no longer able to connect up. i'm not getting any error messages at all, just the throbbing Connect button from the...