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    toolbar icon pointers?

    Is there a way to make the toolbar icons point to a location outside of your home directory? In particular here is what I'd like to do: Hard drive 1: OS X.1 system Hard drive 2: All my applications Hard drive 3: All my music With this settup, when I boot off of Hard drive 1 is there a...
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    I'm sorry to hear that something caused your partitioins to be dumped. I installed it this morning onto one of two partitions on my 2 Gig hard drive, and no dammage was caused to either drive. I lost nothign. I wonder if it only erases partitions that are up in the high memory address...
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    LaunchBar... Wow!

    After spending the last day with LaunchBar, I'm wondering to myself why Apple doesn't snatch up this technology and incorporate it into 10.X. It is an amazing program that everybody should try out. If you haven't given it a look, check it out at:
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    Transparent Dock

    Thanks for everybody's help. I'm at work now, but I'll try the new script when I get home. I'm sure it will work well. Thanks again.
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    Transparent Dock

    I would like to use TransbarentDock 1.1b8 to make my Dock transparent in 10.1. However, I don't appear to have the Dock document necessary. Of course, I've got in my core services directory. However, appears to be nothing bundled inside of it. Doing a sherlock search doesn't come up...
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    AT&T@home and OS X?

    I use @Home with OS X. I have found that it works best to manually configure the network settings. Call AT&T and ask them for your IP Address, Subnet, Router, and all the other stuff in the Network pane of the system configurations. Plug that stuff in. You will also need to know the mail...
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    OS X on Wallstreet 233???????

    Anybody tried OS X on a 233? I tried the PB and it was pretty poor. I've got 160MB of RAM. Wondering what type of experience I can expect to have. Even if you haven't tried it (4k78) on a 233 but have tried something close (old iMac or something) let me know. Thanks.
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    debug code?

    I keep reading a lot of people saying that OSXPB still uses debug code. However, I have never heard anybody from apple say this. Is this just contagous speculation?