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    Link Sys Wireless Connection to Powerbook G4

    I have had similar problems with a BEFW11S4 v3 at my parents house. They are using a preshared key (WEP 40 /128 bit <-- from memory, not wholly correct). My dad uses a thinkpad that has no problems. My powerbook signs on to the network, but fails to load a webpage. Safari just spins and...
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    What gives?!?! Tiger, XP, SMB, & afs

    Yeap, Cycled it on and off several times. Also cycled personal file sharing and the firewalls on both machines.
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    What gives?!?! Tiger, XP, SMB, & afs

    So I have tried unfruitfully for a Month to get my Powerbook and my XP workstation at work to talk. The powerbook does not see ANY windows machines on the newtwork, so I cannot browse to the XP machine. I tried the smb://server/share but that always resulted in a username/password error. Then...