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    power of administrator ?

    Whoops! misread your post.. Sorry, thought it was a really noob question. ANyhow, in the finder do a get info on something you want to change, and set it at teh bottom under ownership and permissions.
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    power of administrator ?

    Most likely, you are trying to edit their accounts while they are logged in. Log them out, go back to your account, and in the accounts pane of system preferences, make sure the lock at the bottom of the window is unlocked. If it is locked, then click it to authenticate. You should then be able...
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    Corrupt directory wont die!

    the file thats hurting you is probably the .DS_Store file. cd to the directory, and then run sudo rm * but make sure you're in the directory first!!!!!!1 otherwise this deletes your hard drive. Another possibility is: /directory/* Cheers!
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    Powerbook Ip Trouble

    Check that your internet sharing preferences on the G5 are correct. They should be Share your connection from: (Your ISP connection) then under that Airport box should be checked.
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    IE in Virtual PC won't connect to the internet

    VPC 7 Works great for me.
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    Video Card Comparison

    the G4 is the only Mac chip that runs at 1.25
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    What to do with an old iPod

    is the apple store still featuring that bring in the old ipod and get 10% off...? you could use that as a selling point on ebay or w/e Cheers!
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    IE in Virtual PC won't connect to the internet

    hmmm..... tricky. can you try downloading firefox and setting that as the default browser for VPC?
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    IE in Virtual PC won't connect to the internet

    i'm assuming you have virtual switch enabled, also can you include what kind of hardware network setup you have?
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    IE in Virtual PC won't connect to the internet

    hello again Perseus! Download the file in mac os x, then drag and drop it into the windows environment (While Crossing your fingers.) Cheers! theDan
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    No login screen on bootup. Dont know how to get into the computer

    Try starting up the computer, and hold down the shift key the entire time. This might get you into OSX because it does not load many 3rd party extensions and startup items. First, Please go to About this Mac under the apple menu and give us all the info in there. Next, open system...
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    Virtual PC on Mac OS X

    Start up the Virtual PC app, then go File>New, or press CMD-N. I think option 2 is what you are looking for. It will then guide you through installing Windows XP on your VPC.. Cheers!
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    Server will not delete a directory because it is not empty (?)

    Good, i suspected it was that file. the .DS_Store file is a hidden Mac OS X file used to save the layout of a folder/window. Things like whether the window is in list/icon view, or whether item info is displayed or not is saved in there.
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    Wireless networking through Netgear router

    You're in luck, my friend! Mac OS X Strikes again! First, connect the ethernet port on the Mac mini to the WAN/ and or Uplink port on the Netgear. Then, Fire up the mac, and go to System Preferences, sharing, internet panel, and click on the Pop-Up Menu. From there select Modem or AOL or...
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    Server will not delete a directory because it is not empty (?)

    Hopefully you've already tried this but JIC- fire up the unix abyss that is the Terminal and type: chdir (make sure you typed a space after that then drag the folder into the terminal window) hit return type ls (this will list all files in the directory you just selected) PS thats an...