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    DVD Playback in 10.1

    The DVD Player in MacOS X 10.1 only supports those macs that were natively supported by the DVD Player 2.x series under MacOS 9. I have a Blue and White G3/400 that shipped with the DVD playback in hardware via the Rage 128. I have installed a Radeon PCI and ever since then I have had to use a...
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    Sounds in OS X? Request for a tip!

    You should be able to put the sound files in your local Library folder, found under your home folder. If there isn't a Sounds folder in there, make one. Apple is strongly recommending that you do not modify anything under System or /Library. This way, if you have problems, it's really easy to...
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    everything crashes all the time

    Did you try updating your disk driver with the latest version of Drive Setup? The other thing that might be worth trying is to format your disc using the MacOS 9 drive setup before installing MacOS X and then not selecting a format of the disc using the MacOS X Beta installer. The other gotcha...
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    No sound under MacOS X

    Try unplugging the external speakers and see if that helps. There was a thread on about this problem.
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    X server for OSX beta?? and appleshare question

    If you are after an X Window implementation for Mac OS X Beta, head over to and download the free beta of Xtools, a port of X Windows to Mac OS X Beta.
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    I went and grabbed the latest ncurses-5.1 and tried to compile it. The ./configure stage went ok, but I get the following error when I try to make: cd ../objects; c++ -I../c++ -I../include -I. -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DNDEBUG -I. -I../include -I/usr/local/include -O2 -c ../c++/ ***...
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    I downloaded the ::: one, and the new error I get is this: configure: error: Cannot find tgetent. Build will fail without it. I got that as a warning last time, not an error. JT
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    I didn't do anything special with the configure parameters, just ran ./configure. I think the problem is that I'm using a different source archive to you. I was using the ircii-pana-75p3.tar.gz archive. I'll give the other one a go and see what happens. Thanks, JT
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    I installed the Darwin development tools as per the article on Mac Addict and tried to compile a few programs. Lynx compiled with no problems, but BitchX dumps out of the compilation with the following error: cc -o BitchX alias.o alist.o array.o art.o banlist.o bot_link.o cl.o compat.o...
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    Mounting NT AppleShare Volumes

    Apple docs clearly state that AppleShare connections over Appletalk are not supported in the Beta. Only TCP/IP AFP is supported at this stage, and frankly, that got more bugs that I like at this stage. You could install samba and mount your windows shared volumes instead, that would probably be...
  11. J on Linux !.....yehaww

    So when are you going to "eat your own dogfood" and run it on MacOS X ;)