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    How do I flash my drive?

    How do I flash my drive?
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    DVD Player not reading media

    DVD Player won't read most of my commercial DVD media. I insert the disk, and it shows up on the desktop. But when I try to run it through the DVD app, the program just freezes, and I get the beach ball. I tried opening through VLC player, and even VLC wouldn't correctly read the disk. I...
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    Aperture Not Rendering Photos

    I'm just going to answer my question myself. As it turns out, the nvidia cards have some sort of problem with the motherboard; so, when there are two nvidia cards (I'm assuming this pertains specifically to identical cards) a bug in Aperture's render algorithm doesn't allow for proper...
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    Aperture Not Rendering Photos

    As I'm trying to make adjustments to my photos in Aperture, the preview blacks out. I don't know what the problem is. It doesn't matter which photo I try this on, but the preview won't render. I'm running a triple-monitor system; my main monitor is connected to a Nvidia 7300 by itself, while...
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    Application Installation Complete Message Keeps Popping Up

    Alright, so I installed FCE last week, and decided I didn't want it on this particular machine. I deleted the app using AppZapper, and then manually deleted all FCE .plist files I could find through Finder. But, whenever I restart the OS, or log back in, I get this annoying "Application...
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    My Month With XP.

    Quite frankly, this quite ridiculous. Let's all be honest with each other for a moment and consider the following: PC's are good machines (if built by good companies, offering good packages). There's nothing wrong with a PC user. PC's offer a lot of personal tailoring to a user, have a vast...
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    Will an ATI Radeon 9700 work in a Quicksilver?

    Someone here replied that Nvidia doesn't make Mac graphic cards. That is totally erroneous. Nvidia has a large line of Mac-specific graphaic cards. They are more expensive than their PC counterparts, but they do exist. You can go to the Nvidia website and click on MAC on their Products link...
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    SuperDrive DVD - Can\'t read or write

    Hello, Are you using -R or +R DVD's? SuperDrive only recognizes -R, but will burn all other forms. The trick is to find a 3rd party burning software, like Toast Titanium. Use that to burn all your Cd's and Dvd's. Good luck.
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    Powerbook external HD headache

    Hi, Have you loaded the drivers and software for the hard drive? Are you running any security lock on your computer, preventing it from syncing with the hard drive? Check the security profile on System Preferences. Good luck.
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    Powerbook G4 temperature

    Hi, No, the PowerBooks generally run very hot. And if you're using high-end graphic programs it will definately chew up the machine. This is actually normal for both the PowerMac and PowerBook. What might help is setting the computer on a cold surface (table) or getting one of those laptop...
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    Airport Extreme

    Hello, You need to have the Airport Extreme connected to a base station computer.This is how the connection works: the modem is connected directly to the AE, which is plugged into an outlet. From the modem a secondary ethernet chord should be connected to the base station computer. You see...
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    ibook freeze issues

    Hi, Well, this is quite strange. It shouldn't matter how long the computer's "rested"! It sounds like a firmware problem. I'm not so sure the RAM is the primary issue here. I'd advise you to take your iBook to an Apple store and have an Apple Genius look at it. If you have warranty on...
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    Will an ATI Radeon 9700 work in a Quicksilver?

    Hi, The ATI 9700 should work fine with your machine. Of course, your computer falls into the "minimum requirements" for the setup, but that's not such a big deal. Quite frankly, the upgrade shouldn't be much of a problem. Have you also looked into Nvidia graphic cards? The 9700 is good...
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    I have a flashing icon when I start macosx

    Hello, What exactly was this icon you saw and when did it flash? Were you able to boot back up to the desktop, or did the computer freeze during boot? There should be no reason to "reinstall" Tiger. The install DVD should only give you the option of upgrading or repairing the OS. Try...
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    G4 Power Book and External Keyboard.

    Hello, Try accessing the System Preferences and check the keyboard settings. Your Spanish keyboard should be detected. In the dialogue box should be an advanced option tab. Go there and see if you can switch the language from Spanish to English. Furthermore, if the keyboard came with...
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    Just installed a new sound card and....

    Hello, I'm not quite sure how to access and change the IRQ settings for a Mac. There's plenty of information on how to do that with PC's though. Perhaps the site where you found the IRQ information has what you need. But as far as the M-Audio sound card...I must be brutally honest...
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    Dropped network connections on PowerMac G5 with Tiger

    Hi, This is most likely a problem with the router you are using. I am aware that Linksys hardware does not bode well with Macs, causing them to lose connection frequently, or just clunking out spontaneously. If you have a Linksys, you should contact them. If it's another router, try...
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    itunes won't burn.

    Hi, I ran into this problem last year. The major issue here is the disk itself. What type are you using to burn? Is it CD-R or CD+R? The firmware only detects the -R. No matter what you try, iTunes will never recognize a +R in the drive, therefore either will not burn or will not...
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    slow ripping CDs to iTunes

    Hi, Yes, the new iTunes 6.0.1 is basically an upgrade for OS10.4.x. It will undoubtably make things very difficult if you're running Panther. I suggest you go on the internet and find an older iTunes file and downgrade. You can probably find it on forums or, if you'd like, try the...
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    <B>Why cant i boot?</b>

    Hi, Does your computer boot at all, even under OS 9? The G4 have had issues regarding switching from OS9 to OSX. From what you've stated, the computer has OS9 and then X on top of it? That's not possible. You see, when you upgrade to OSX the other OS has to be deleted. It could be that...