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    Software base station & bridging?

    I've seen plenty of people talking about using gNat to do a software base station with NAT. In my case I have multiple IPs for my DSL service, so I want my spare IPs to be bridged onto my wireless network so that a machine can connect via cable or wireless, DHCP one of the available IPs from my...
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    Spring loaded folders

    Funny, column view is the thing that makes me miss Spring-Loaded Folders the most. Especially now with the little triangles to go with folders it'd be great if you could just drag a file over the triangle and descend into that folder. Column view already does side-scrolling if you drag a file...
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    menu bar pref icons

    The files that come with the OS are in /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/, though they don't have to be in that folder to work, they could be anywhere on the drive, even within an application bundle. The plugins all seem to end with .menu, and those files can either be dragged up to the...