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    iPod Secret:

    With your new iPod, select "About" at the main menu, hold down the center button for a few seconds, and check out the surprise! :D
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    The Worlds Most Customizable OS

    When can I change my OS then? :cool: Any HIToolbox.rsrc file you could send me or sumthin'? Cheers
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    Cute easter egg found...

    Well... no - you only need to hold down SHIFT for that... but holding down option, does that minimize ALLA windows in slowmotion? let's check...
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    Transparent windows

    Isn't Finder cocoa?!:confused:
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    Clone OSX System to another partition

    I'll go for the ASR, just in case ;)
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    Clone OSX System to another partition

    Yes, isn't there an easy way to move OS X to another partition if you for example want to format the disc? If not, what is the harder way? ;)
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    Transparent windows

    ... doesn't Finder support transparency? It does, doesn't it? :confused: Transparent Finder windows would be really practical...
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    Transparent windows

    Doesn't ANYONE have a clue?
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    Logitech with OS X?

    The left, right and scroll work, but click-scroll? What's that?:rolleyes: But the MousemanWheel has a forth button too, isn't used for anything!
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    minimize trick!!!

    I guess that's an easter egg! N'est pas? Now to show off for my PC frends even more! :D
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    Theme your OS X faster!

    Well.. OS 10.1 is faster... A LOT faster - but the animations are still there...
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    no more transparenty menu please?!?!

    What still makes OS 9 faster than X are the animations! I use 10.1 5G59 Long menues tend to fall down too slow, and when they disappear - they fade out. This fading is an animation - it only takes som mS, but you loose time in the long run. OS 9 doesn't have animations, so it responds...
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    Logitech with OS X?

    :mad: Well, that sucks really bad! Iäve had this mouse for a year, and really want to continue with it until it dies! ---------------------------------------------- Is there any app like USB Overdrive for X? I've also got this Microsoft joystick that doesn't work under X. Still no idea...
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    Logitech with OS X?

    Still noone with tranparent windows? Anyways... I've got this Logitech Mouseman Wheel. I think it rocks - 4 buttons; two normal, one udner the scroll wheel and one at the thumb. Very useful under OS 9, but does anyone know any drivers for it under OS X since only the two standard butons and...
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    Transparent windows

    Greetings, ya'll TinkerTool is, as most of us know, capable of making the Terminal transparent. When using the preview option in TinkerTool, it opens a separate window that looks like any other one with maximize buttons etc. Now, is there any way of making ALL windows in X transparent in...