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  1. barryhf

    Speculation on Tuesday

    I'm betting on another device along the lines of the iPod--perhaps even another device built on the iPod platform. A digital camera--even a digital camcorder--would be a nice extension of the concept. A digital camera with 5 gigs of hard drive space would hold 50,000 images at 100K/image...
  2. barryhf

    Shared Address book between users?

    Actually, it's the location of the address book that's the problem. Each user has his/her own address book in their home directory. I tried copying my address book data file to a different directory and launching it directly (by double-clicking on it), but with no success. Barry
  3. barryhf

    Shared Address book between users?

    Can I share an address book between users? Ideally, I'd like the "global" in addition to "personal" address book capability that we find in, um, another email client that I use. Thanks, Barry F
  4. barryhf

    Install 9.2.1 before X (was: Classic works fine. OS 9 freezes before happy mac)

    I chose to re-install my system from scratch--including repartition the disk. Changing two things helped: 1) I installed 9.2.1 first. The "welcome" book has this as step one--maybe I should have read it. Installing X first worked fine, but the 9.2.1 refused to boot. 2) I made the X disk...
  5. barryhf

    Classic works fine. OS 9 freezes before happy mac. (New Installation)

    I recently installed OS X 10.1. I subsequently installed OS 9.2.1 that came with it. Classic boots fine. I've installed and run everything from a variety of kids' games to Office 98 and AppleWorks 6. BUT, if I set the startup disk to the OS 9 partition, the system freezes before happy mac...
  6. barryhf

    How is AppleWorks 6 for X?

    I've had several problems with AppleWorks 5.x, like the spreadsheet not calculating, graphics not well aligned, text documents' borders and wrapping not working correctly. It's stunning how easy it was to find irritating problems in that SW. Have you found 6 to be useful? Is the OS X version...
  7. barryhf

    OS 9 Lost its IE file association

    My OS9 has lost its file association with Internet Explorer. I can't double-click on a(n) URL and get the browser to open. I'm assuming this is a known problem, is there a workaround? Thanks, Barry
  8. barryhf

    Compile on X PB?

    I'm trying to do a very simple thing, compile on Mac OS X Public Beta. java and javac are apparently in the path, the program is in the current directory. java compiles it into a .class file. But when I try to run the app "java HelloWorld.class", I get the ClassNotFound...
  9. barryhf

    "The remote side is not responding correctly"

    I was having an issue in both OS9 and OSX that I couldn't connect reliably via PPP. This started happening about the time I upgraded to 9 before installing X, but eventually the reliability deteriorated until I couldn't connect at all. The problem was that the modem would connect, but (I...