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  1. Carlo

    Apple Quicktime mpeg2 Component i386

    here at work we do alot of mpeg2 work. My boss got a new MacBook pro but the mpeg2 component we need to view mpeg2 videos does not work on intel. sooo Apple knew this and you can download the latest version from HOWEVER! none of my serials...
  2. Carlo

    HELP!!! Mac sticks at "Login Window Starting"

    I had my mac do something similar. It would boot, and constnatly come up with the login box. It would come up and disappear after a few seconds before repeating. It went on and on and I could not stop it. In the end I figured it was time for me to do a fresh install anyway. I think this may...
  3. Carlo

    NFS speed under OS X 10.3 and 10.4

    Hi guys, Currently putting together a quote for online storage here at work. We are a mac shop, doing video and pre-media. So we have several TB of huge files to move around. One of the solutions im looking at is the NetAPP devices, which are amazing machines. However.. they dont...
  4. Carlo

    iweb.. the mystery Â

    looks like this is fixed in the latest software update to iweb
  5. Carlo

    iweb.. the mystery Â

    I completly agree with fryke.. Its sad that apple is abusing faster internet speeds.. kinda slack effort. I hope the new version has decent compression.
  6. Carlo

    iweb.. the mystery Â

    Well at least others have the same issue, I thought it was just me! I heard on Leo Laporte's show that he did say to the iweb product manager that it was crazy to not have smaller images and he repied with "its a broadband world" which is BS. Australia finally has ADSL2 but... our bandwidth out...
  7. Carlo

    iweb.. the mystery Â

    hi guys.. I am not much of a web designer so cheated and used iweb to make up a simple travel blog for friends and family. I love the layout and iweb is great. But!! It puts  everywhere. I thought it was the font.. its not i thought it was where there was a empty line.. its not...
  8. Carlo

    .mac sync alternative

    Hi all, I found an app when at work on my pc which crashed before I could bookmark it my system died. So anyone know of a nice alternative to .mac. I just dont want to pay all that money just to sync my address book and calender between my g5 and my ibook.
  9. Carlo

    Why go Intel?

    Not many people buy a mac because it has a PPC cpu in it. Intel make fantastic CPU's these days, they are the market leader for a good reason (unlike microsoft). They will offer cheaper and faster mac portables. IN steve we trust
  10. Carlo

    Mac OS X 10.4.3 in Software Update

    My system crashed when i tried to reboot after the update, but is fine now after it booted up again. Seems a little quicker..
  11. Carlo

    That's an Apple girl...

    I coverted my girl into a mac fan.. as off last night "I want a imac." :D
  12. Carlo

    Motorolla users

    Hrm.. I might try my girlfriends RAZR out then and see if it works. If it does not then I know it could be a issue on the cmoputer.
  13. Carlo

    Motorolla users

    Phone is a V620 with no restrictions or anything. hrm.. wonder why it does not work for me.
  14. Carlo

    Motorolla users

    How can I get my images of my motorolla mobile onto my mac via bluetooth?? Nokia users have this Anyone here done it on a motorolla?
  15. Carlo

    The predecessor of the iPod mini...from 1954??

    I think its a co-incidence, because apple have been going crazy with colours for years.
  16. Carlo

    Lower than expected iPod Nano sales

    All the apple stores I have visited where almost sold out of both the 4gb and 2gb models. Thats pritty impressive..
  17. Carlo

    Japan and Australia gets iTMS

    I think its on its way. Do a whois on the domain and you can see it was updated 2 months ago so no doubt they own it, and are planning to release it. Its just a matter of playing the waiting game. As for local music, most good aussie music is not with the big recording...