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    could use a hand

    Thanx Twister :-) I also agree with your sig and think it's nice that you say it! Those people are out there doing something most people have no stomach for be proud of them and support them whatever your opinion is... Just try to think how you would feel if it was your loved one! PS I...
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    could use a hand

    I am working on a stats reporting system for a site I have not finished yet so no content is really on it yet but I need to test the stats system. If you can please visit please no comments about the site look and content it's not finished not even close this is a...
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    thanks for the info...
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    you get to the site... if so maybe you are using a direct IP address or something? from the first post seems others can't too.
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    Is up? I can't get to it the whole day so far
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    iCal and Address book

    Does anyone know if their is a way to share and sync 1 iCal and 1 Address book between a group of users? I DON'T mean the normal subscribe to an iCal. I suppose what I am looking for is something that works along the lines of MS Exchange / Outlook I shared adress book and a calendar we can...
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    For all web deisgner and developer.

    Cold fussion is old outdated crap. PHP / MYSQL kicks it's ass any day, place and time! sorry CF had it's moment um about 4-5 years ago. Even IF macromedia brought it to the mac I don't know many web developers that would bother with it. BTW I'm a web developer based in NYC and know many others...
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    Apple doesnt want your ideas

    This sums it up for me, I want my email as prommised no fees attached!
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    .Mac Petition

    I don't care about anything but my email! it was represented as free with a mac. I am a long time mac user 15 years as wellas a mac software developer and use macs in my everyday life. I make purchase recomendations. I have given out my email address everyplace thinking it's one I could...
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    Apple Buys Emagic!!!!

    Apple Acquires Emagic July 1st 2002 CUPERTINO, California and HAMBURG, Germany -- July 1, 2002 -- Apple just keeps pushing ahead, and if you follow any of the emagic forums DAMN are those PC users pissed whew... hehehe it's about time...
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    Proteus 2.0 Preview

    I am using Proteus V2 I have the following accounts set up. AIM, ICQ, MSN, YAHOO, JABBER ALL working perfectly. message me on any if you like - please no spam aim and yahoo = xefoiv msn = jabber = xefoiv um I always forget the ICQ # sorry Cheers Congrats...
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    This Is The Best Idea

    Um ... actually developing a version for Windows does zero! nothing to increase apple's market share. It might... slim but ,ight get them known by a few more PC users... This is completely NOT worth apple's time or money. Besides if that was the case and by creating all your products...
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    Weirdest Thing I've Ever Seen~!~!~!~

    kewl - it just didn't seem that way from your post. cheers
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    Weirdest Thing I've Ever Seen~!~!~!~

    Your idea to create a new root user was a good idea. Deleteing the old one was not needed. You could have logged in with your new master account rescued your files and then trashed the old root / admin. you may even have been able to fix the problem... Cheers
  15. efoivx

    /Network de-mystified

    Maybe I am just numb but could some enlightened person de-mystify how to use /Network. I get the idea it has something to do with netinfo server? I wanted to put fonts and some apps there to use across the network... but I can only add folders and items if I am logged in as root or via...
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    [HOWTO] - Enable Root Login to Mac OSX

    Simple - Short answer Open Terminal type the following. sudo passwd root it will first ask for your password to authenticate you are an admin then it will ask for a password for root and then ask to verify the password you just entered. The password is blind so you won't see it yped...
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    ancient MAC SE 20. what can i do w/ it?

    If the old Mac still works turning it into a fish tank or op-art is not a good idea. If you no longer want it sell it on ebay... it WILL sell.... some uses have been mentioned and I have used older Macs for these tasks at some time or another. Digital answering mailbox unit. you can...
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    Anyone running 10.1 please read need some feedback

    Greetings... I could use a little help. All my machines are upgraded beyond plain 10.1 If you are running plain Mac OS X 10.1 please copy and paste the script below into the applescript editor and run. then either email or post your result to me. 10.1.3 returns 4115 and 10.1.2 returns 4114...
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