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  1. fisgeggs

    VPC 2001 Wishlist!

    What do you pople out there want to see in Virtual PC 2001? Thing like speed, being rootless (like classic), you know, things like that.... Well, go on, tell me!
  2. fisgeggs

    Intel Emulation

    that really sux!!!:(
  3. fisgeggs

    Mac OS X 11.0.0?

    Good point. LOL
  4. fisgeggs

    Intel Emulation

    I am currently emulating IBM OS/2, Red Hat Linux and Windows 2000 through Virtual PC in software. Does anyone know if it is at all possible to get a PCI card or something of the like that has an Intel chip built on, that would allow to run those operting system on that, rather than on the...
  5. fisgeggs

    Harddisk Optimizor is needed!

    One of the many thing OS X doesn't have. Maybe we could see it at MWNY?????
  6. fisgeggs

    Mac OS X 11.0.0?

    Will the next version of Mac OS X become Mac OS XI? Or will it become Mac OS X 11.0.0? This may have been brought up before, but anyway.......:)
  7. fisgeggs

    Is Mac OS X Confused

    This happens in the MacOS 9.1 Finder too. Just so you know!
  8. fisgeggs


    OK. I found that "system x" (the x is replaced with 'ten') is sistem deset. Does this count?? "acintoshMay eratingOpay emSystay enTay" (pig latin)
  9. fisgeggs


    Apple's Logic is scary!!!
  10. fisgeggs


    OK, while reading trough all your topics and stuff, I found that you said "Mac OS X 1.0", and "Mac OS X 2.0". Wouldn't the next version after the original Mac OS X be Mac OS XI (11)?????????????? :-)
  11. fisgeggs

    When the Beta expires, will people be hosed?

    OK. Why don\\\'t you, if it is such a <b> huge </b> problem, why don\\\'t you boot back into OS9 and change the time back and then reboot. It <i> could </i> work!! Good Luck
  12. fisgeggs

    Blue&White not working...

    hows about a lucky stab in the dark. Create a clean system folder: Heres how: Start up your computer using the MAC OS 9 (yes the mac os 9) cd. Open the mac os 9 installer window. Click the perform clean intallation checkbok to select it. Click OK. Follow the onscreen instructions...
  13. fisgeggs


    OK. My powerbook is the February 2000 model. The one with firewire. I did have Mac os 9 on 10gb of the 18gb and then an 8gb partion for mac os x. I installed the firmware update, and when it rebooted after it was installed, it was the mac version of the "Blue Screen of Death". Yes, its the sad...
  14. fisgeggs


    My firmware update failed. My powerbook wont boot at all........... Arrrrrrrrgh. Please help. I need it.....
  15. fisgeggs

    OsX crashes during install!!! Help...

    Why dont you move the data from one of the other drives to the drive your having problems with and then try on that drive that is empty???? Good Luck, youll need it.....
  16. fisgeggs

    OSX Beta

    where do i get a cd image from??????
  17. fisgeggs

    No Success yet?

    Wouldn't hold ya breath. Its a privelidge to beta test products. Youll have to pay full price like every other deserving beta tester!
  18. fisgeggs

    Multi User????

    I have a PowerBook (Feb 2000) running Mac OS X Public Beta. It is shared with me by my family. I am the main user, but my parents etc want there own "Personal Space". Is this possible? If it is possible, how???????????? As I am 15, i too want my personal space, and i dont want anyone invading...