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  1. mvcube

    Can't assign requested address

    Sorry, without further info, I will not be able to help.
  2. mvcube

    copying folders in terminal

    You have to use the "nohup" command to detach the cp process from the terminal. "man nohup" will tell you more. "nohup" means "do not react on the HUP (hang up) signal!". The output will be redirected automatically to a file named "nohup.out".
  3. mvcube

    applications wont start

    Your system isn't the newest one. Have you checked the minimum requirements of the software you're trying out?
  4. mvcube

    Powerbook Narcolepsy

    Holding down the power button for more than 5 seconds should do a restart, too. Do you have any info in the console logs?
  5. mvcube

    iTunes Problem

    M3U is a playlist format which only points to songs somewhere else on your disk. (See: ). You need to save the MP3 files on your PC.
  6. mvcube

    Can't assign requested address

    Try to run the applet with sudo. It might be a security issue.
  7. mvcube

    Magnification is stuck on

    On my (German) 10.4. the option is on the right. It is a button below the dropdown boxes for colors and refresh rate. It should be named "detect monitors".
  8. mvcube

    Magnification is stuck on

    On a typical flatscreen, the resolution should be much bigger, something like 1280x1024 is minimum for 4:3 screens. Try to increase the resolution or to redetect your monitor.
  9. mvcube

    how to list the unmounted devices

    Disk Utility should be able to do so. Or do you want to do it from a program of your own?
  10. mvcube

    Magnification is stuck on

    It looks as if your screen size isn't recognized correctly. You may have to go to System Preferences and check the screen resolution.
  11. mvcube

    Unable to Verify Ssl Server

    Have you clicked on "Show certicate?" At least in Safari you can then select to trust this certificate. Edit: Sorry for the duplicate suggestion, I hadn't noticed page 2 of the thread. :(
  12. mvcube

    Firefox 2.0.14 crashes on iBook G4

    I haven't checked console and will not be able to do so, at least not in the same environment. I'm just reinstalling Tiger from scratch and will try again. Edit: Firefox seems to run now. There was probably a faulty system extension or plugin installed. If anything goes wrong in the future...
  13. mvcube

    Firefox 2.0.14 crashes on iBook G4

    I've just acquired a used iBook G4 off eBay (512 MB, 1GHz) in order to use it as my living room Internet access terminal. Firefox 2.0.14 crashes upon loading almost any page. I can't even start it with an empty profile because it crashes immediately. Not exactly: it takes a few seconds (FF is...
  14. mvcube

    powerbook g4 battery issue

    I've had the same behaviour on other Laptops (IBM, Toshiba) and it went away after I replaced the battery.
  15. mvcube

    problem burning cd

    No, that's the right thing to do. There should be an option to check whether to do a full erase or a quick erase.
  16. mvcube

    Help on .jar file

    MisterMe, a jar file is directly executed by the Java runtime envirnment which is not "Java Web Start". The latter is a special application to help download the most recent versions of installed Java programs and is not needed to execute a standard jar. Java version numbers have gon past...
  17. mvcube

    OSX 10.5.2 Leopard network problem

    The settings you show are for outside access to your Mac and of no relevance in your case. You need a Samba Guru to help you. A probable cause of your trouble could be that recent versions of the Samba client (as Mac OS comes with) can use a higher level of authentication against the Windows...
  18. mvcube

    HP laserjet 4300tn setup confusion

    I love this forum :)
  19. mvcube

    HP laserjet 4300tn setup confusion

    You should setup a separate network configuration for the MB if "on the go". In network preferences there is an easy way to select between multiple configurations.
  20. mvcube

    HP laserjet 4300tn setup confusion

    The MacBook doesn't need a X cable, the port should detect the wiring itself, at least my MB Pro does. The trouble might be, that the MacBook and/or Printer don't have an IP address because they are configured for DHCP. Outside your Network, there is no DHCP server to assign an address. The same...