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    Microsoft "Longhorn" Discussion

    I hope y'all are aware that the dark grey stuff is just for the build they handed out to developers. the real thing is going to be more like this...
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    Windows Media Player 9

    It gets slightly less ugly with each release...
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    Speculation XBox2 may use G5-based chipset? etc. etc.
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    iMac Pokey! (SONG)

    nah... wimbledon. then a stand full of imacs can do that look left, look right, look left, look right...
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    Caption Competition

    this picture on techTV made me pee my pants. the apple guy in the black t-shirt (th eone who looks a bit like chekov from original star trek) look slike he is about to explode. i can't for the life od me come up with a caption however, so i thought i'd invite y'all to try. funniest entry wins...
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    iPhoto quirks!?

    I think it has major bugs.
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    Better late than never... MacWorld Photos!

    after making that joke about graphics guys being bad spellrs (sic), you spelled ASPYR wrong. ok so it's not a real word, but funny anyway. :) would have liked to see more crowd and show floor pics, since i saw all that stuff in the webcast anyway. who's brain bandmiller or whatever?
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    Who wants ManicDVLN and their PC counterparts on the board?

    Hey! I have an IHOP 4.2GHz Pentathalon MX and it kicks ass. It's got great expandibility, a souper-fast Kitchenaid WhiskForce 3 graphics card AND it makes great pancakes.
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    Eh... Apple hyped to much!!!!!!!!!!

    which is presumably why everyone stopped buying new cars and tvs. ;)
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    Why the new imac will fail

    if you think about the way the display moves on the armatage, i.e in an arc, you will realise why the base is that shape. form fits function. imagine that instead the base was a flat topped cylinder. given the same length for the arm, the display would wack the base at a certain point in its...
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    "To BOLDLY go where no PC has gone before."

    os x is a place no PC has gone before...
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    ADSL (uk) USB via MacOSX

    usb dsl modems are the work of the devil. dsl modems with ethernet are platform agnostic as they require no drivers to make them work. uk users should pressurise bt to switch to a dual usb and ethernet model. they probably chose the usb model because many pc users in the uk don't have ethernet...
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    AOL UK abandons Mac OS X

    wow, you sure no how to enjoy your bank holidays! ;)
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    Terminal Icon

    i use one of the shell icons from shell, get it? ha ha. god i am sad.
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    Post your OS X.1 Desktop Pics!!!!

    its an anagram of your surname
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    AOL UK abandons Mac OS X

    i doubt many aol users in the uk are using airport. the big problem there is bt internet has things so tied up. broadband is just starting to catch on. cable tv arrived AFTER satellite tv. people are more interested in texting on their mobiles (cell phones) than surfing the net. the u.k and the...
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    What mac do you have?

    I have a ZX Spectrum 48K, can I run OS X?
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    AOL UK abandons Mac OS X

    do we need any further proof that AOL sucks?
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    Post your OS X.1 Desktop Pics!!!!

    oooooooooooooooooooh, you are awful! anyway, here's my (non meathead) desktops. i use photostickies so my desktop is more an ever changing collage (woo hoo!) than a traditional desktop pic. my g4 (reykjavik) has a couple of webcams on the desktop at the moment too, one a view of london and...