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    the Ginger

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    System Audio Balance Self Changing

    I have the same problem, the balance in sound preferences just keeps jumping around in random places... I'm running OS 10.4.2 with an iMic connected to a regular amplifier with speakers.
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    Simple home network

    Hello! I have just bought myself a new eMac and now have 2 macs in my house. So what I want is to be able to have a network between the two computers, for sharing files and printer etc, and have them both connected to the internet at the same time. I know an Airport network would be a...
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    new eMac soon?

    Hello people! I'm sure to buy a emac this fall, and I was wondering if anyone knew or think that there will be released a new updated emac soon (MWSF?) and if it will be more expensive than the current ones? And when was it updated last time? Thanks :)
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    Extreme Techno

    Techno is used too widely. If you want techno go for Carl Cox, Tom Harding, Mauro Picotto (That stuff) (Mauro Picotto - Awsome) Tiesto is a trance/progressive trance DJ/Producer He was voted for best trance DJ last year. He has also made some really good stuff: Dj Tiesto - In my memory Dj...
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    iMovie 3 isn't all i hoped for!!!

    My iMovie 3 is soo /&%=(& laggy!! Everything on the interface lags:( NOT more responsive than before! When I try to playback my movie it lags every 2 seconds or something. What can I do about this??
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    Register Here

    mac plus... c00l!
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    Fonts, where?

    Can anybody tell me where I get get some cool free fonts, without being bombarded with 50 ads at one time whenever I press a link?
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    iPod earphones with remote

    My old iPod earphones has become destroyed so I need some new ones. So I were wondreing if the new ones with remote is any better, or if they are just the same, but with a remote...? I have heard something about them haveing better bass? Is that true? Also do you have any other good...
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    Whats Ya Style?! ...Musically?!

    Good to see that it's some other trance listeners here! :) My favourite is Trance. Pure Trance. I listen to it 95% of the time I listen to music. My favourite Artists/DJ's is among others: Ferry Corsten Dj Tiesto Armin van Buuren Paul van Dyk Cosmic Gate Rank 1 Mauro Picotto Marco...
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    CD burner compability

    Isn't there anyone that have a similar internal burner that can tell me anything about it? :confused:
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    CD burner compability

    It's not firewire. It's IDE, you know that gray flat cable (?) Roxio says that toast will support virtually any cd burners... And yeah the slackmedia project is currently down...
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    CD burner compability

    Hello I'm going to buy a new CD-Burner, and I am just making sure if it will work properly (can burn most formats, read cds and work with OS X) with my Mac. It's a "Sony CD-Writer IDE 48x12x48x Retail Intern Retail Kit (CRX210A1)" Will it work at least with Toast Titanium? My...
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    ATI Driver update for RADEON

    20%? I didn't notice a thing with my Rage card...
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    Try to refresh
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    New look of (10/5/2002)

    I think the new design is nice, it's always good with a change.
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    When will we finally see the codename "Cheetah?"

    According to Think Secret the next OS X upgrade will be "Panther" Just for your info ;)
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    iTunes: Top 25 Most Played

    Hmm... isn't it anyone that like trance here? The four on the top are radiostations.
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    Problems with PS 7.0.1 updater

    I get this error when I try to update Photoshop from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1: "An error prevented the update from completing 11002:2,-15" I'm using 10.2
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    iChat question

    WHY do I HAVE to use the SAME image in iChat AND Address Book?? It's SO damn stupid!! I don't want everyone on AIM to see my personal image of myself, and I don't want a penguin icon as image in my address book entry either! Is there any way around this?