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    Unknown app affecting 9.2 IC Panel

    I would trash your Internet Config preferences and then set them back up from scratch. Other than that, I'd make sure that you don't have something running in the background (like an extension) that might be altering your configuration. Also, what is it changing exactly? Does it just show...
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    Printing to a PCL printer in OS X

    I believe that OS X only has drivers for Postscript printers. There was this software package I once saw for Classic Mac OS that provided printer drivers for PCL printers. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of it! :-( Perhaps someone can chime in with its name? The only other way...
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    Networking Mac & PC - I'm dumb....

    Which computer is going to act as the router (the machine with the modem)? What software are you going to use to share the connection?
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    Spinning Disc Problem

    That's very bizarre and definitely something I personally have not experienced. I'm running 10.1 on my Sawtooth G4. Could there be some kind of common program that you've got installed on all three of thos computers that could be causing the problem? Is there some kind of special...
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    Osx 10.1.1 Smb

    I believe they made some speed enchancements, but I have not read anything specific. One would probably need to be on one of the developer lists to know for sure. Also, the post above shows a smiley in the URL to access SMB shares. smb://workgroup;user@server/share/ I don't believe the...
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    will Apple redesign thier mouse?

    <p>I have the same mouse on my G4 and have enjoyed it very much; however, I have been wondering when Microsoft was going to release the Intellipoint software for OS X. The last time I checked they were still only offering it for OS 9, but right now I can't get to their site for some reason to...
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    5G48 smokes!

    <p>I think that's a very interesting idea, but I have my doubts. I think Apple simply didn't get everything done in time. The weren't able to implement many key features that OS 9 had such as DVD playback and CD burning. I imagine they would have added those features if they weren't under...
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    Terminal Commands

    <p>There isn't a simple list of commands that you can use as a reference, necessarily.</p><p>Terminal gives you access to a full UNIX shell using tcsh by default. Tcsh is one of many UNIX shells out there and is one of the most popular. Bash is another popular one used mostly in...
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    Alitvec for OS X?

    If memory servers, OS X already has AltiVec code within it and I'm pretty sure that is something the compiler handles automatically.
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    10.1 for download

    I doubt that they'll be burning full copies of OS X 10.1, but rather a CD that allows you to upgrade the version you already have installed. Full release copies of 10.1 <i>in the box</i> will be available at the same time or soon thereafter. None-the-less, being charged $20 for an upgrade CD...
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    Virtual PC4

    my gut tells me that you'll have to wait for an official port of virtualpc to os x. i seriously doubt it will work well under classic, but it may. i'm sure people have tried it. i would check and see if there's anything on their site that says when they'll have virtual...
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    my gut tells me that you'll have to wait for an official port of virtualpc to os x. i seriously doubt it will work well under classic, but it may. i'm sure people have tried it. i would check and see if there's anything on their site that says when they'll have virtual...
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    mouse tools for ms mouse

    i've been waiting patiently for microsoft to release the intellimouse software for my intellimouse optical, but so far they haven't released anything. the good news is that software such as internet explorer support scroll wheels without any third-party software; however, i'm not finding that...
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    Tenon X Tools

    This is very unfortunate news, but does Tenon officially support OS X 10.0 or is it just limited to OS X Public Beta for now? I'm sure they'll have a fix for it soon, but I've been hearing a lot about xonx lately and I don't see much of a point in buying something from Tenon when I can use...
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    Anyone know about this?

    I'm sure that Apple knows about this because ntpd does run to synchronize time in OS X. I don't know if it affects OS X's ntpd or not, though. If you're worried about it, I recommend turning off time synchronization. Matt
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    BSDToday lists BSD packages ported to Darwin...

    i can't hardly contain myself with the thought of the freebsd ports collection coming to os x. <drool!>
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    In the UNIX environment it is a good idea to have multiple partitions for different root-level directories such as /usr, /var, /home, etc. It is transparent to whomever is using the system, but having multiple file systems allows for multiple points of failure instead of just one. I think it...
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    Does anyone know how easily OS X will fit in a common Windows office network?

    That is true. Samba does come with smbclient, but you can't mount SMB shares in OS X using Samba, at least not yet. If you need to mount something using SMB then you should use Sharity or DAVE for OS X (if it is out yet).
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    how to build ssh2

    firstly, thanks for posting this. secondly, i'd like to make a correction to your last configure line. instead of "--open-ssl-dir=/usr/local/ssl" you should put in "--with-ssl-dir=/usr/local/ssl". looks like you just made a typing error when making your post.
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    Installing OpenSSH

    if you're using os x 1.0, stuffit expander will handle tar.gz files just fine. also, i used the tar that came w/ os x to handle the latest version of openssh that I got from one of their mirrors.