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    10.1.1 has a conflict with "something"...

    OK, This is what is happening and what I have done so far. I have a B&W G3 450, 320 MB Ram, 6 GB IDE, 40 GB IDE, 9 GB Segate Cheetah w initio Miles2 PCI card. I recently got a PCI Radeon and moved my Rage 128 to the PCI slot that my ATI Rage Pro card was holding. After putting in the Radeon...
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    Problems with FileUtils 4.1

    I installed the new version of FileUtils but I'm getting problems with the aliases.mine in my ~/Library/init/tcsh folder. If I have a copy of the aliases, unmodified, from the /usr/share/init/tcsh dir then Terminal exits with error 11. Adding an environment.mine or anything else does nothing...
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    I want to change the default browser...

    Is there a way to tell OS X to use a different web browser as the default for clicked links and such? I use OmniWeb for most of my browsing and having Mail open IE when I click on a link is damn annoying. Is there anything I can do besides copy&pasting the link?
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    Omni Q3A Things and Stuff

    Ok, I downloaded the new Omni port of Q3A 1.17 and alas, it doesn't engage the video =/. It loads up to a black screen but the sound is in there in the background. Anyone get it working and what did you do? And how is everyone performance? Tell all =)
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    Quake3 / OpenGl performance?

    The word from ID is that the next point release of Q3 (1.25) will have a OS X release. keep your fingers crossed
  6. A Mail Accounts

    I personally lean to option 1 or 2, keeps it simple and neat. Personally, I have all the information I would like in my account here. So changing names and redirect's have no meaning to me. My $.02
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    Can someone post some Fire screenshots?

    OK, here is a full screen pic of Fire in action. It's to big to post so I'll just put in a link to it. Enjoy
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    Access Windows Shares Under Mac OS X in 10 Easy Steps

    That did it. Thanks a lot. Now if I can only get the Lain login screen when I start up....
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    Access Windows Shares Under Mac OS X in 10 Easy Steps

    Installing was easy and I can see all the shares. My problem is that the .app will not load on my computer =/ it starts to load and then crashes, does this sound like a config problem or it just doesn't like me? Any advice or thoughts to the root of the problem? B&W G3 450 320 MB