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    Lord of the amber rings

    I own a 14.1 inch iBook (late 2001) and I'm using it for a year now with much pleasure. There is only one drawback: When the iBook charges the ring that has to turn amber stays green (even if the battery is empty). Does anyone have a similar problem on a iBook or Powerbook? The amber light did...
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    Dutch resellers OS X 10.1

    Any dutch OS X users know if there are any ducth resellers who offer the 10.1 upgrade (like Primafoon or something)...
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    Pine and OSX PB

    I have Pine 4.21 working on my OSX PB Box, but when I open the mailbox generated with mail (~/MailAccounts/POP:account@domain/INBOX.mbox/mbox) I just see a bunch of crap... I thought the mailboxes were in standard unix format. Is there anyone else working with pine who has a solution?