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    HELP! Slow Login Time

    When I set up a user in OSX who is unrestricted the user can log right in. The minute I put a restriction on a user account it takes 2-5 minutes for the login to complete. I understand this has been a problem and that the most recent MacManager was supposed to solve this problem. Am I doing...
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    Server administration help

    The biggest problem I had with Appleshare IP was that when using MacManager for security purposes it forced my user to save to the server--the were locked out of saving from all partitions. It was either locked or not, you couldnt select which partitions users could save to...they could only...
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    Lost Preferences

    I find Mac OSX to have more bugs then benefits. There's alot of stuff here I dont want to see or know about and miss a zillion features that arent here yet. Im a user not a unix-head. Take lost preferences. Suddenly on restart OSX will log me in and my login apps will no longer be in the...
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    How to get apps to auto-start at boot?

    I've been using the login feature where I drop the apps in the window and it works. Then suddenly it will reset the preferences and either one, several or all apps will be removed. Im finding more bugs in this OS then positive things. And besides everything is just harder to do and takes more...